Alex McCord Still Isn’t Over This Iconic ‘RHONY’ Moment

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Five seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City ago, Luann de Lesseps uttered two of the most scathing lines in Real Housewives history. Understandably, the former Real Housewife on the receiving end of these barbs still has some things to say about this moment. In a new video for Bravo’s The Daily Dish, ex-New York Housewife Alex McCord re-watched de Lesseps' “Herman Munster shoes”/“Well, even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes” jabs. Much like the rest of us, McCord appears to not be over this scene. And hey, who could blame her?

RHONY Season 4 was a long time ago, so here’s a quick summary of the events leading up to the Herman Vuitton moment: McCord and de Lesseps’s meeting took place right after the RHONY cast’s trip to Morocco. Toward the end of the vacation, a boot-clad McCord interrupted a henna tattoo session to confront the Countess about how she’d treated Ramona Singer. McCord and de Lesseps spent the rest of the evening at odds. Some days later, they got together and attempted to put the conflict to bed.

And at that meeting, Lu took a jab at the boots McCord happened to have on when she barged in on the henna appointment:

McCord volleyed back:

And then Lu hit us with a line that still burns all these years later:

In the aforementioned The Daily Dish clip, present-day McCord watches and responds to Lu's Herman Vuitton zingers, and — spoiler alert— the boots never come up. In the video, the ex-Real Housewife says,

“That’s why I called her a 'thug in a cocktail dress,' all of the fight leading up to that conversation. She’s just got this complete lack of self-awareness and this hard-charging nastiness … Really arrogant, but also all about her. Absolutely unaware that she was being completely inappropriate and rude.”

That legendary back-and-forth is not just about a pair of shoes. It was never just about a pair of shoes. And McCord won't let us forget that.