Alex Rodriguez Got Jennifer Lopez A Car For Her Birthday, But That's Not The Only Surprise

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

J. Lo and A-Rod can't help but go above and beyond for each other. For example, Alex Rodriguez got Jennifer Lopez a car for her 50th birthday. Celebrities gifting loved ones a car really isn't that out of the ordinary, but the same can't be said for Rodriguez surprising his fiancée with an automobile for her special day. Believe it or not, but Lopez getting a car on her birthday isn't a normal gift for the performer.

In a video shared on Rodriguez's official YouTube, the former professional baseball player showed how his surprise went down, in addition to Lopez's very excited reaction. Like A-Rod explained in the video, "There's a lot of pressure because it's Jennifer's birthday coming up on July 24 and we've been thinking about what do we get Jennifer for her birthday. What do you get someone who already has everything? You have to be creative. We've talking about maybe a car."

So why would Lopez receiving a car be "creative"? Well, allow Rodriguez to explain: "The irony is we're gonna buy her a car but she hasn't driven in 25 years." That's right, she doesn't drive, nor has she driven in over two decades.

Some people might think it's silly to gift Lopez a car, let alone a $146,420 Porsche (via People), if she doesn't even drive, but Rodriguez wanted to shock his love and he totally did. Plus, J. Lo has a license. Rodriguez's eldest daughter, Natasha, told him in the video, "But she has her drivers license and it's valid." His youngest daughter, Ella added, "She loves cars, though."

As shown in the video, Rodriguez blindfolded Lopez and led her outside. She waited impatiently with her heart beating so fast, until Lopez's twins, Emme and Max, and Ella slowly drove down the driveway with Natasha in the driver's seat. They also blasted 50 Cent's "In Da Club." After the one-time New York Yankees player removed the blindfold, Lopez declared, "What the hell!" She added, "It's beautiful. I've never driven a car like that. I've never had a car like this. I've never driven a car period!"

The latter remark didn't stop the Hustlers star from getting behind the wheel of her new Porsche with custom "J. Lo" tags and car mats. She happily drove the car around the neighborhood with Rodriguez in the passenger seat. At one point he even joked, "Can I get a double seat belt?" Even though the 50-year-old doesn't drive, she clearly knew what she was doing.

Lopez said she didn't expect a car and thought her 50th birthday party was enough. The singer and actor had quite the glamorous party with attendees including Ashanti, Fat Joe, DJ Khalid, and Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Then, to get a Porsche on top of that? Yeah, she had a great birthday.

It's unclear why Lopez doesn't drive, but she now has her very own Porsche. Like she told Rodriguez. "Oh my god, I haven't driven in so long, baby. You're giving me my independence back." Well, maybe she'll start driving even more.