Ali & Emily Got Engaged On The 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale & Their Moment Was Everything Emison Fans Have Waited For


Spoilers ahead for the Pretty Little Liars series finale. After a tense, tumultuous, and deeply emotional few years, Ali and Emily finally got engaged on the Pretty Little Liars finale, and it's everything Emison fans could have hoped for. After Emily saw her mom slip something into Alison's purse at Aria and Ezra's rehearsal dinner, she confronted Alison, thinking she was hiding something from her. But as it turns out, Emily's mom was just giving Alison Emily's grandmother's ring so she could propose. She had a big, romantic moment planned, but her impromptu speech ends up being just as moving.


It's a simple, sweet, and touching scene, and besides, what's more true to who Emison are as a couple than being at home in sweats? They've been through a lot together; they need something real, not extravagant and schmaltzy.

Plus, the proposal should also assuage Emison detractors. It acknowledges how terrible Ali has been in the past, and how Emily helped her become a better, stronger person. Now, she'll continue to do so every day.