Why Emison Needs To Be 'PLL' Endgame

by Amy Mackelden

With the announcement that Pretty Little Liars will be ending in 2017 (after the second half of Season 7), fan theories have gone into overdrive. After Tuesday's mid-season finale, there will only be 10 episodes left, and then Rosewood will be gone forever. While it's still hard to comprehend with the end in sight, it's only natural to wonder which couples will end up together in Pretty Little Liars . Emison — aka, Emily and Alison — hasn't captured the hearts of everyone, mainly because Alison DiLaurentis is such an unpredictable and, at times, dangerous character who is impossible to trust. Is she really deserving of Emily Fields? Personally, I think so, which is why I've compiled 17 reasons I hope Emison is endgame.

According to showrunner I. Marlene King, when it comes to Season 7A, "There are three sets of shippers that will be very happy with this finale." While the obvious outcome would be the three original couples — Ezria, Haleb, & Spoby — being together when the series ends, some of those unions aren't looking all that likely of late. With Ezra flying off to find out if Nicole is still alive, and Toby engaged to a woman other than Spencer, it's possible that either couple could disappoint their shippers in the mid-season finale... which leaves room for Emison to happen. Here are a few reasons why Alison and Emily should be together!

1. Their Chemistry Is Undeniable

All of the endgame couples on PLL have chemistry, but the most fun happens when Emily and Alison are onscreen together. Despite never being an official couple (yet), these two have the greatest rapport, and their bodies often seem to be drawn together like magnets.

2. They Like Touching Each Other

Thanks to their amazing chemistry, Alison and Emily love touching each other. In Season 7, especially, we've seen them get closer than ever before, and it's the tactile nature of their friendship that feels like the biggest hint that they could be endgame. They can't keep their hands off of each other.

3. Alison Missed Emily The Most

Despite not always treating Emily the best in the past, and leading her on, whenever Alison did return, it seemed like she was most drawn to Emily. She missed her more than anyone else in the gang, and made sure to tell her that. Alison clearly had a lot of time to evaluate her feelings while she was in hiding.

4. Emily's Instinct To Protect Alison Means Something

Even when the rest of the Liars believe Alison is guilty, Emily refuses to listen, because she knows and loves Alison, and is intent on protecting her. Emily doesn't trust Ali's husband Dr. Rollins at all, and seems to instinctively know that she is in danger.

5. They Both Get Butterflies

As Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars has progressed, both Alison and Emily have seemed more nervous around each other. They've also seemed more comfortable at the same time, but nervous too, almost as if they're both having butterflies.

6. This Kiss Doesn't Need Explaining

Seriously. This. Kiss.

7. Alison's Mom Approved

Alison's mom may not have been the most trustworthy person on the planet, but she could see that Emily was good for her daughter, and wished that the pair would be together. Clearly, we don't need a blessing for Emison to happen, but here's one anyway!

8. All Of The Dream Sequences

Of course Emily dreams about Alison. Because she's in love with her and Emison is endgame.

9. It's Hard For Alison To Let Her Guard Down, But She Does With Emily

Alison has had to deal with a lot of trauma in her life, but Emily is her rock. She opens up to her, trusts her, and feels safe when they're together.

10. The Years Of Flirting

Even when Alison was just playing, the flirting between the two was off the charts. While some people were swooning over Spoby and Haleb, I was just over here waiting for Emison to happen.

11. They've Both Been Let Down Too Often

Even though Paige was a relatively steady partner for Emily, it feels as though she's never quite met the right person. Maybe that's because she was always meant to be with Alison. Alison has also had the worst luck when it comes to her love life, and part of the reason for that could be that she's been denying her feelings for Emily for too long. They both deserve to be with someone who's not shady in any way (OK, so Alison is totally shady, but let's overlook that for now).

12. Emily Always Believes Alison, Even When Other People Don't

Emily and Alison have complete trust in each other and that's so rare. They look out for each other, and would do anything to protect the other, which makes them the perfect couple.

13. Alison Respects Emily

While Alison DiLaurentis has had her fare share of questionable moments, for the most part she's shown Emily Fields respect. Not always, I'll admit, but Alison clearly respects Emily's opinion and worries most about what she thinks.

14. Emily's Been Waiting For Alison This Whole Time

She may have dated other people, but I believe there's only ever been one person in Emily's heart, and that's Alison.

15. Shay Mitchell & Sasha Pieterse Want It To Happen

The actresses that play Alison and Emily are completely on board with the idea that Emison is endgame. From creating an Emison t-shirt especially to celebrate the pairing, to constantly replying to tweets from crazed PLL fans, Pieterse and Mitchell are ready for this coupling to happen in a major way.

16. Alison's Finally Ready For A Mature Relationship

Since coming out of hiding and moving back to Rosewood, Alison's life has been a non-stop roller coaster. From her creepy husband Dr. Rollins, to the mysterious death of her sister Charlotte, Alison's life has basically been awful. As a teenager, men may have fawned over her, but no one committed to her in a serious way, except for Emily of course. Alison's finally growing up, which is likely the reason she's drawn to Emily once more. She's ready to commit in a real way.

17. Because Every Emison Shipper Needs This

Haleb, Spoby, and Ezria shippers all had their fun. Now it's time for Emison! This has to happen.

With so few episodes left, it's scary to think that Pretty Little Liars will be over for good by summer 2017, which is even more reason that Emison has to happen. There's only one way to end this story, and it's with Alison and Emily together.

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