Ali Fedotowsky Doesn't Think Any Of Rachel's Men Are The Next 'Bachelor'

ABC/Bob Leverone

She was a Bachelorette herself in 2010, so the fact that Ali Fedotowsky thinks the next Bachelor won't be from Rachel's season feels all kinds of significant. The 32-year-old published a revealing blog post on July 11 in which she argued that there are important reasons why this isn't going to work out. But the best part of it all is how her post has the tipsy excitement of someone who has hashed over every last moment of the show with their best friends over a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

In a nutshell, she believes that the two guys with potential from the current season won't be in a position to be the next Bachelor. Fedotowsky waxed lyrical about why Dean Unglert is so great, but stated that "I heard he is on Paradise this season (could just be a rumor)." However, if your concern isn't that he'll be on Paradise, but that he'll be too busy being engaged to Rachel to step in for the next installment of the male-fronted show, don't fret. She stressed, " I don’t really think he and Rachael are connecting on an emotional level. So I don’t think they’ll end up together (plus the whole Paradise rumor thing)." (Bustle reached out to Warner Bros. for comment on this rumor, but did not receive an immediate response.)

ABC/Bob Leverone

Sure, but what about retired model Peter? He's not just a pretty face; he appeared to strike up a real connection with Rachel from the word go. Plus, fans think he's everything. But there's one clear reason he's not a shoo-in for the role, according to the fashion blogger. Fedotowsky points out, "I don’t think it’s going to be Peter, because I believe that Peter and Rachel end up together at the end of this. If they don’t, then Peter is 100% the next Bachelor, and I think that would be amazing!"

At this point, you might be rolling your eyes. There are plenty of other great dudes on this show. After all, one of the suitors Rachel has been extremely complimentary about is Bryan Abasolo, about whom she gushed, “When I’m with Bryan, I feel like I’m in a fairy tale. He makes me feel like I’m definitely his princess." However, in the following passage, Fedotowsky dismisses him and the others:

"...if Dean ends up with somebody in Paradise, who does that leave us with? Bryan, which I don’t think would fly with fans. Eric maybe? I’m not sure, even though Eric is older than Dean, he doesn’t really seem emotionally ready to me to get married right now. But I could be wrong. Producers know him better than any of us so they will make that call when deciding to cast him or not. But my gut tells me that he wouldn’t be their first choice."

Ultimately, her kicker is this: "And I really just don’t think there are any other guys from this season that stood out as Bachelor material (or lasted long enough to be considered)."

For all of these reasons, Fedotowsky has "a strong feeling ABC could choose a Bachelor from a past season,” And if you’ve been yearning for a certain Colorado native to be back on your screen, making ladies swoon, then this might be cause for excitement: the Season 6 Bachelorette explains “I know [ABC] would absolutely love to have Ben Higgins as the Bachelor again. And I honestly adore him! Ben is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!”

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However, she also proffers some good reasoning why he might not fit the bill: “But having said that, I think it’s a little bit too soon for him to be the Bachelor again after ending his engagement just a few short weeks ago. That really wouldn’t be fair to Lauren. And I don’t think Ben would do that to her." Higgins and Bushnell split up in May 2017, and a broken engagement isn’t something to take lightly. Sure, they met via television, but that doesn’t mean that real hearts aren’t hurting. Besides which, Ben already got his chance to be the Bachelor in the 20th season of the show. Does he really need to get another go?

One of the most intriguing parts of being a fan of the series is waiting to find out who's cast as the lead love-hunter, hashing it over with your friends and co-workers (or even lovers, if you're lucky enough to share a bed with someone who also roots for all things Bachelor-related). Whether Fedotowsky managed to reason you out of believing your preferred man would lead the next season or not, at least we get to extend the divine torment of that wait a bit longer.