Ali Fedotowsky Reveals How Birthdays Are Celebrated On 'The Bachelor'

Holidays are important to former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, especially since becoming a mom to her daughter Molly. And with the major winter holidays behind us, the new mom has been excitedly prepping for a new celebration. Ali Fedotowsky's Easter traditions include plenty of egg decorating, and she shares some of her tips with Bustle. She also dishes about what traditions and holidays mean to her. And, as a bonus, Fedotowsky reveals how holidays like birthdays are celebrated in The Bachelor mansion if someone is stuck filming on their special day.

"Here’s the thing, on the show, you’re not allowed to listen to music. You don’t get books, you don’t get TV, you don’t get any really stimulation," she says. "So, little things, like, if it was someone’s birthday, maybe we got to listen to like an extra song." She explains that occasionally the contestants could put requests in to production for songs and when one was played, they'd all end up "dancing, so excited to listen to this song, because you don’t realize how much music you need until you don’t have it anymore."

Fedotwosky says that one reason contestants are pretty much completely cut off from any form of entertainment is to avoid music licensing issues, because you can't play a song on TV if you don't pay for it. Plus music is hard to edit around if you're trying to show a conversation on TV. It's the same reason dance scenes in movies are often filmed sans sound. It really puts those dates where a musician plays to just The Bachelor couple into perspective though, huh? That must be the highlight of the date for some women and men.

Outside The Bach mansion, Fedotowsky takes holidays very seriously (and she probably listens to as much music as she wants). "I want to create these incredible traditions that every year we do and Molly comes to cherish them," Fedotowsky says. "So, really around every holiday we've been trying to do things. They're important because I didn't have a ton growing up and I look back and I wish I had more traditions with my family."

Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Burns Photography

With Easter right around the corner, Fedotowsky is already planning how she'll spend the big day with Molly. Fedotowsky and her husband Kevin Manno have already painted Easter eggs together and are looking forward to Molly's first visit to meet the Easter bunny and their big Easter egg hunt.

Another way she likes to make the holidays special is with a lot of DIY. Though Fedotowsky says she isn't necessarily the Queen of DIY, she always enjoys finding easy crafts to make and sharing them on her blog, aliluvs.com. She's also teaming up with the American Egg Board to give fans the chance to win their Easter #EggArt sweepstakes, which you can learn more about here. People who share their decorated Easter eggs on Instagram using the hashtags #EggArt and #Sweepstakes could win a prize.

Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Burns Photography

"I feel like I'm always the person that wants to be the Pinterest Mom, but I’m totally not," Fedotowsky admits. So, when I was starting to think of Easter for my blog content and what I was gonna do, I wanted to do something different than like regular dying an egg," Fedotowsky explains. "We did a new thing with flash tattoos and eggs just like you would on your skin. It's beautiful and so easy. So, if you’re not super artistic — like I am not at all — you can just do these and it does the artwork for you, and they make beautiful decorations."

All in all, Fedotowsky is loving getting to create special memories and traditions with little Molly. And, fortunately for us, she shares her fun projects on Instagram and her website along the way so you can admire them or even use them for your own holiday inspiration. And, if you're decorating eggs while listening to music this Easter, just know that there's a houseful of Bachelor contestants who can't — so listen well for them.