Ali Fedotowsky Just Revealed Why Hannah B.'s 'Bachelorette' Finale Is A Must-See Event

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans may have to wait to see how the rest of Hannah B.'s Bachelorette journey unfolds, but a few lucky spectators already have the inside scoop on the matter and know precisely how it'll all play out. And based on Ali Fedotowsky's comments about Hannah's Bachelorette finale, it's going to be anything but predictable. In fact, the former Bachelorette thinks that Chris Harrison is right in calling this the most dramatic season finale ever — a typical remark that he tends to make every season. But according to Fedotowsky, this sentiment may actually live up to the hype this year.

"I have [seen it]. I know what happens," Fedotowsky told Entertainment Tonight during a recent TCA press tour event. "It is unlike any finale there has ever been, and that's the truth." Fedotowsky will be able to witness all of the drama firsthand since she's scheduled to make an appearance during Hannah's live two-night finale this week. And according to her, it's gearing up to be a must-see event.

"I know Chris Harrison says it every season — the most dramatic episode ever — and I'm like, 'Chris, come on! This is like, so not! Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not,'" she continued. "Last season with Colton, I thought, 'Oh, we can't get more dramatic than this.' I think this finale might top that finale!"

As fans may recall, Colton's season resulted in him jumping over a fence after Cassie decided to go home. It was the most highly anticipated moment of the season, which culminated in a major twist: Colton ended up sending his remaining contestants home and went to find Cassie in the hopes of winning her back. It definitely made for an interesting season that went against the usual Bachelor formula, but it seems Hannah's journey may end up surpassing Colton's on the drama-o-meter.

Fedotowsky was unable to say whether or not Hannah receives a happy ending at the end of all this, though she did promise that "it does not end the way it normally does." So make of that what you will. "It's going to be good. It's going to be good," Fedotowsky added. "I think Hannah's grown a lot this season. She's young, I was very young when I was the Bachelorette. I made some questionable choices or did some questionable things."

The "questionable choices" remark is undoubtedly a reference to Luke P.'s time on the show. Many of Hannah's contestants and fans were puzzled by why she continued to keep him around despite all of the heartache and drama he created. Ultimately, she decided to send him home during the week of Fantasy Suite dates, which felt like a long time coming. But even now that he's out of the picture, it seems this season was just destined to be a magnet for drama, regardless.

It certainly sounds like Hannah is going to have a wild end to her Bachelorette journey this week. Let's just hope that all the tears and rose petals result in a happy ending.