Drop Everything & Watch Alicia Boren’s Unbelievable Floor Routine

by Mika Doyle

If you need a little Monday pick-me-up, you’ve got to watch gymnast Alicia Boren win first place at the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships on April 19. Even if you’re not into sports or gymnastics, you will be living for Boren’s floor routine, which was a mix of amazing athleticism and boss dance moves, PopSugar reported. Watching Boren perform will seriously make you want to start a Monday dance party — or at least put together a playlist of the music this athlete performed to.

Boren was one of four University of Florida athletes to compete during the NCAA Semifinal II competition in Fort Worth, Texas, and she scored a 9.95 for her performance, Gator Sports reports, which held as the overall floor high through the rest of the three rotations. PopSugar says that score tied Boren for co-champ alongside UCLA's Kyla "Boss" Ross, Denver's Lynnzee Brown, and Oklahoma's Brenna Dowell. According to the University of Florida, this “was Boren's 54th consecutive and overall all-around appearance, making her the Gators' all-time leader by eight competitions.”

And it’s no wonder Boren is one of the top athletes at the University of Florida. The New Jersey gymnast didn’t just do a standard floor routine. She added her own flair to the routine with a musical medley spanning the ‘90s to today and injected different dance styles between floor exercises. One of the commentators said during her performance, “This is a great floor routine, and it’s been so fun to watch all season long. This is like a dance clinic of all the dance moves you’ve seen through the decades of music.”

That commentator totally nails it. Boren opens her routine with Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” before treating the audience to the classic Hammer dance as MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This" plays. Boren hits the floor for some groundwork, and the audience gets Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It" next. She then struts across the mat and shimmies, then does some isolated neck work that is to die for before pulling off this incredible double layout, hitting the ground with both feet and then immediately doing the nae nae. Girl, are you for real?

But Boren didn’t just do an amazing dance routine. Besides those incredible double layouts, she also pulled off technically challenging moves like double tucks between nae naes and shimmies. One of the commentators says that she hits all of her tumbling positions in the air between those dance moves, something the judges were looking for as they were scoring her. “What a great party routine, but she’s going to top it off with another big tumbling round,” one of the commentators said. “This routine just doesn’t get old, and the tumbling is so exciting.”

This was Boren’s final competition, and she finishes her college career an 18-time All-American, according to the University of Florida. “[These last four years have] been amazing,” Boren told FloGynmastics. “I don’t have one word to describe it. It’s really awesome. I’m really grateful. […] It’s an amazing ride.”

There’s just something really inspirational about watching someone doing something they truly love. Boren’s performance is a reminder that pursuing your passion can make anything you do the most incredible experience ever.