As If! Alicia Silverstone Channeled Her 'Clueless' Character In A New 'Lip Sync Battle' Teaser

OK, so you're probably going, "Is this a Noxzema commercial or what?" But seriously, it's actually just a clip of Alicia Silverstone dressed as Cher from Clueless while performing on Lip Sync Battle — and it's amazing. The whole thing is also like, incredibly meta, which will become abundantly clear once fans hear the song that Silverstone chose to perform.

The trailer for the new season of the celebrity lip sync show was released on Monday, June 4, and it opens with a clip of Silverstone telling the camera, "There are a lot of things that could go wrong, but I think it's going to be OK." As if. Even though the footage of Silverstone's performance is sparse, you can already tell that it's definitely not going to reek.

Silverstone struts out on stage in what appears to be an impeccable replica of her iconic black-and-yellow tartan two-piece set, complete with stark white knee-high socks and matching platform Mary Janes. Wig. She's also carrying two shopping bags, one in each hand, and after she gets to the center of the stage, she slings them both up beside her shoulders ... exactly like she does in the opening scene of Clueless. Are you totally bugging yet?

Then, in a moment that will undoubtedly have everyone and their mother screaming, "SAME," co-host/hype girl Chrissy Teigen's jaw hits the floor. "Modern day Cher, this is amazing!" Teigen exclaims, seemingly still in shock.

Now, what makes Silverstone's performance so unbelievably meta is the song she decided to lip sync — and no, it's not Jill Sobule's unforgettable Clueless soundtrack single, "Supermodel," but that would have been cool, too. Silverstone decided to lip sync "Fancy," the 2014 pop-rap hit by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX.

The music video for that track had Azalea and Charli XCX recreating some of Clueless' most memorable scenes, with Azalea in the role of Silverstone — yellow plaid skirt set and all. So, Silverstone, who starred as Cher Horowitz in 1995, is dressed up as her most famous character, more than two decades after the film was released, singing a song that parodied Clueless in its 2014 music video. Someone call an ambulance and start CPR.

Fans first got a glimpse of Silverstone as Cher on Lip Sync Battle back in October 2017, when Teigen shared a photo of herself and daughter Luna alongside the actor during the filming of the episode. "How am I supposed to sleep?," Teigen captioned the snap. "I think I’ve asked for 2 photos in my entire life. @AliciaSilv and beyonce."

This episode may, in fact, be the first time Silverstone's ever donned Cher's threads outside of the actual film — and yet, somehow, 20 years later, she looks exactly the same. Silverstone did, however, give a quick nod to her character back in May 2017, when she surprised fans by appearing at a special screening of Clueless at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, according to People.

Silverstone, along with Breckin Meyer (aka Travis the lovable slacker), took the stage before the screening to introduce the film. After a few brief words, the crowd at the Cemetery started audibly encouraging Silverstone to deliver one of her famous catchphrases from the film. "You don't need me to say it! You're going to hear it in a minute," she said, before succumbing to the screams with a Valley Girl-tinged, "whatever."

Lip Sync Battle returns to Paramount Network (formerly Spike) on June 14, but they have yet to announce exactly when Silverstone's episode will air. In the meantime, though, does anyone have any final thoughts on Silverstone's Clueless recreation? Elton? Go ahead and grab your Cranberries CD from the quad, then brace yourself for a seriously meta, seriously nostalgic performance from everyone's favorite Betty.