Watch Chrissy Teigen SWOON Over A 'Lip Sync Battle' Version Of John Legend's "Love Me Now"

Just when you thought this couple couldn't get any cuter, you're about to bust your cheeks from smiling. Chrissy Teigen's reaction to a John Legend song on Lip Sync Battle is quite literally everything. And if — somehow — they hadn't made their way to the top of your #CoupleGoals list just yet, the video of the moment should do the trick, even without Legend making a single appearance. All you need to see is Teigen's response to Pentatonix member Kevin Olusola lip-syncing his song "Love Me Now," and the couple's bond will be crystal clear.

Olusola will appear on the program on Mar. 8 alongside the rest of Pentatonix — Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Kirstin Maldonado. Each member of the popular a cappella group will face off against the others on Thursday night, and for once, they'll be able to give their vocal chords the night off. From the preview clips, it's hard to get any idea of which of the performers has the edge in Season 4, Episode 7, but things are looking pretty good for Olusola right up top.

The group's beatboxer not only chose a song written by Legend about his love for his growing family, but also appears to direct his performance to his most receptive audience members as well. In the 44-second clip, Olusola pretends to croon to Teigen from a grand piano center stage, leaning away from the instrument and drawing a closed fist through the air, clearly feeling the emotion of the song. Elsewhere on stage, what looks like a real-life couple share a tender kiss on the forehead; the 29-year-old Pentatonix member is really going all out when it comes to the tugging of the heartstrings.

The Sports Illustrated model appears enthusiastic throughout his performance, watching from the back with a large bouquet of red roses — a gift intended to sway the LSB co-host, perhaps? Later, she appears to dab away a tear, sways to the music with her arms in the air as Olusola pumps up the crowd.

Fans will have to wait for the full episode to see whether that red rose bribe and the calculation of choosing a song so personal to Teigen pay off. But don't write off the rest of the group, because it's clear that there will be some fierce competition. Pentatonix baritone Scott Hoying chose the Ariana Grande song "Side to Side," featuring Nicki Minaj, for which he and his backup dancers performed choreography from atop stationary bikes.

And not to be outdone by his teammate, Hoying also swung for the fences and dressed in drag, donning a long ginger ponytail, a bold lip, cat eye, and a cap featuring the word "icon" in all caps. And if none of that is your style, perhaps you, like Teigen, will enjoy the nude men in showers featured in the background. That is, if you can tear your eyes away from the Pentatonix member dancing in front of them. From the looks of it, both men knew their audience well, and catered to them very intelligently in their performances. Talk about coming to play.

And since Teigen pointed out that Legend is already a huge fan of the group — "He loves you guys," she effused from the bar after "Love Me Now" — this will clearly be quite the competition. We haven't even seen what the two remaining Pentatonix members will be bringing to the table, although a shot from the second clip did appear to show Grassi in a blond wig and skintight silver bodysuit, mustache and all.

If he and Maldonado are smart, they'll have catered all their sets to Teigen's tastes as well, and I can't wait to see what they came up with.