Aliyah Moulden Makes 'The Voice' Top 7 After Delivering One Of The Most Emotional Performances On Season 12

Tyler Golden/NBC

Depending on how well your extrasensory perceptions were working on Monday night, you may have known that Aliyah Moulden's emotional performance on The Voice would get her into the Top 7 on Tuesday night. Then again, you may have been so overcome with emotion like me (I blubbered for a good minute after she finished) that you weren't even focused on whether or not she made it through.

But alas, fortune favored Moulden and she was indeed the first singer on The Voice to make it into the Top 7. After briefly describing just how intense it was to sing Labrinth's "Jealous" while getting teary onstage, it became clear that Moulden's overwhelming emotions last night were genuine. While no one could accuse her crying just so that she could be voted into the Top 7, there's no doubt, in my opinion, that that show of serious emotion nudged her into the safe zone on The Voice.

Interestingly, Moulden told host Carson Daly on Tuesday night's episode that she wasn't expecting those tears to happen. According to her, she felt comfortable in rehearsals. She knew the words. She knew the emotional place that she had to get to. In her opinion, she was ready to tackle the song. But then, that tricky thing called the heart got in the way and took Moulden to a whole new level in her performance.

Moulden absolutely deserved to make it into the Top 7. On top of delivering one of Season 12's best performances, she was able to showcase a maturity to her skill and her willingness to master a new genre. There's plenty more to be seen from Moulden in the final weeks of Season 12 of The Voice. Something tells me that this stunning young performer is just getting started.

Let's see what you've got left to deliver, Moulden.