This Performance On 'The Voice' Ended In Tears

by Allie Gemmill

On a special Mother's Day-themed episode of The Voice, one of the most touching performances was dedicated to a father. This was not done out of spite, but rather as a beautiful tribute to one parent while the other parent cheered on the performance. Aliyah Moulden's performance on The Voice ended in tears — happy tears — as she sang Labrinth's "Jealous" for the father she never got the chance to know. With her mother and grandmother supporting her in the audience, this was absolutely one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful performances of Season 12.

During the pre-taped rehearsal segment, we saw Moulden introduce her mother and grandmother to her coach, Blake Shelton. It was a proper love fest, with Moulden's grandmother remarking that she was so proud of her granddaughter because she was a true artist in the family. It was a super sweet moment, soon to be strengthened by the emotional punch of Moulden's revelation that she was raised by her mother and grandmother. Her father, she disclosed, had died before she could remember him. As a result, she state she has always felt as if she has missed out on a crucial connection to her father that her siblings got to forge. That resonant, deep-seated emotion tied to missing him and mourning a lost relationship clearly got channeled into her performance of "Jealous."

From the moment Moulden began singing it was clear she was deep in this song. She had let a few tears loose during the taped interview while speaking of her father, so we might have known that this song would have been an uphill climb for her. That said, her voice was absolutely on point. Showcasing a tender maturity that took her down to some soulful, real depths, Moulden was visibly in another headspace.

That emotional connection really peaked in the final lines of the song. As Moulden attempted to finish, she appeared overcome and began to gently cry. It was difficult not to feel her sadness rushing through the television screen, but it only made her performance that much better.

There was such a loving reaction from the judges and the crowd to Moulden's performance. As she finished the song, host Carson Daly came over and gave her a hug as the crowd cheered for her. Coach Gwen Stefani admired her emotional commitment and technical mastery of the song, especially focusing of Moulden's perfection in the tone in the second half. Shelton praised Moulden for her ability to truly get lost in "Jealous." For him, that was the mark of a true artist.

And as if this beautiful moment wasn't enough, Moulden posted a pitch-perfect picture on her Twitter of her father holding her as a baby. It was a fitting cap on a meaningful tribute.

Is someone cutting onions in here? Because the tears are definitely flowing.