Here's Every Single Outfit Taylor Swift Wears In The "ME!" Music Video

The pastel hues and images that have been cryptically dominating Taylor Swift's Instagram for the past few weeks have come beautifully and epically to life in the video for her new single "ME!," featuring Panic! At The Disco singer Brendon Urie. All of Taylor Swift's outfits in the "ME" video are pretty, sweet, and pastel, which is apparently her thing now. The fashions that the singer wears in the clip officially introduce the aesthetic of TS7 aka Swift's seventh album.

From the vintage-inspired, tea-length Monique Lhuillier dress in the opening sequence, in which Swift and Urie portray a couple arguing in French and in front of their "daughters" (Swift's beloved cats) to the sunny yellow power suit she dons during a dance number, Swift is all about spring-like colors that usually define Easter baskets. The overall color palette is soft, while the apparel's cuts and shapes are strong. As for the song? Yeah, well, that's catchier than a cold in January.

Swift cycles through seven outfits, all the while reminding viewers that she is one of a kind through the lyrics. Here's a complete rundown of all the bright and beautiful looks in the "ME"!" video. Forget about the hidden meanings, thematic hints, and digitals easter eggs that Swift's videos are known for. It's all about the Easter egg-colored ensembles.

As for Urie, the singer looks incredibly dapper in his suits. He wears various colors, cuts, and prints throughout the "ME!" video as well.

The TS7 era is here and it's pastel AF.


A Romantic Frock

The Lhuillier dress boasts a black top with a deeply-dipping V and a poufy, tulle skirt with flowers around the waist. Swift rocks the romantic frock with a pair of pink heels that match her lipstick and side-parted waves.


A Yellow Suit

Swift next dances in the street with a crew of dancers wearing suits. Swift's lemon yellow suit is loose-fitting and has flared legs. The pink tie provides an additional pop of color, while her hair is slicked back off her face in a low bun.


A Melting Pink Dress

Swift trades her chic suit for a fluffy pink confection with a ruffled top and full, dripping skirt that is animated to looks as though it's melting. She continues to show off those hot pink lips, while her long waves are swept to the side. Did you notice she's perched on a unicorn?


A Mod Mini

The singer goes totally mod in a hot pink shift dress with sheer, long sleeves and a gold-traced heart on the front. Her hair, with all of that height at the crown, is so '60s-inspired. Both her sparkly flats and Urie's burgundy boots are from Christian Louboutin.


A Mint Green Majorette Ensemble

Courtesy of YouTube

Swift also dons a mint green majorette outfit, complete with a chin-length pink bob and color-coordinated knee-high boots, a hat, gloves, and a cape.


6. A Suit With Shorts & Cowgirl Boots

For a very short period of time on screen, Swift dances with Urie while wearing a matching blue suit with appliqués, shorts, and cowgirl boots.


7. Another Blue Dress

Swift closes out the clip in a flowing blue dress, which may remind Swifties of the blue frock from the "Out of the Woods" video. The train is animated to flow like water — literally. Her hair is also tinted blue and the beachy waves with bangs are in full effect. The final sequence is very Mary Poppins and Disney-like, thanks to the umbrella that Urie holds over her head and all those rainbow hues.