7 Apps You Can Integrate With 'Animal Crossing' For More Efficient Island Living

Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a beacon of hope in these uncertain times, letting players (virtually) venture outside to create their own island paradise when in reality they're stuck inside their homes. In fact, experts even say that the Animal Crossing's predictability and lack of urgency (not to mention its muted colour palette) make it an especially soothing game to play while in lockdown. For new players though, the gameplay can become a little overwhelming. Once you've collected over a dozen creatures and maxed the amount of villagers you can have, it becomes increasingly hard to keep track of everything you want to do and achieve on your island. But fear not, as there are plenty of Animal Crossing: New Horizons app crossovers that make island living a hell of a lot easier.

If you're in need of a daily checklist to help keep you organised, a way to keep track of the current value of turnips to maximise your profits, or even a means by which to design your island before placing important buildings like the museum and shops, there's an app for that. These seven will have you perfecting the art of island living in no time.


Daily Checklist

Animal Crossing can adapt to any play style, but checking off a to-do list is a must for those wanting to make the most out of their day.

It's really easy to forget the tasks that renew daily, especially if you're caught up on renovating your home or landscaping gardens for your villagers (trust). Checking off this list every day will guarantee you don't miss out on content.


Turnip Prophet

Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

If you haven't already met the adorable Daisy-Mae and bought copious amounts of turnips, here's the deal. Animal Crossing has its own stock market — the Stalk Market (get it) — but instead of buying stock as an investment it's these wondrous veggies.

Daisy-Mae will sell them to you each Sunday in bunches of 10, but at a random price. Then throughout the week, Timmy and Tommy will buy them from you at Nook's Cranny, but the price will change every morning and afternoon. You have before the next Sunday to play the market, otherwise your turnips will rot and lose bells.

As Eurogamer notes, there doesn't seem to be a lower or upper sell limit, but some players have managed to sell their bounty for 600 bells. The aim is to get "200 bells or over — which will see you gain a healthy profit in most instances", but as is the case with the real stock market, you could end up with a very bad week.

That's where Turnip Profit comes in. This app helps you track the price of your turnips and will also predict what they'll sell for the following week. So if you're not so confident with the Stalk Market just yet, this is the perfect app to utilise.


Happy Island Designer

Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

When you move to your island, one of the first tasks will be to put down your tent, as well as for your neighbours. If you want to avoid shelling out 50,000 bells to move their homes and waiting a day for them to be constructed later on, Happy Island Designer is a saviour.

This app lets you figure out how you want your island to look without needlessly spending bells or waiting days for construction. You can also plot where you want your rivers and cliffs to be, which you'll be able to terraform later in the game.



Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

If you really, really want that coffee table that you can seem to find a DIY recipe for, Nookazon is the place to go. A marketplace for players, you can list items to sell for however many bells and other players can buy them from you.

Obviously, this can't be done through the site. When you create your profile, you'll be asked to add your Nintendo Switch Friend code so that when you get a message from someone interested in your listing, they can come to your island to pick it up or you can mail it to them from the airport.


ACNH Travel Guide

It may not seem like it, but Animal Crossing has so, so many collectables. When you're nearly 200 hours in like I am, it seems never-ending (in a good way). To keep track of what I have in the museum and which K.K. Slider songs I still need to order, the ACNH Travel Guide app has been my go-to.

The app also lets you know which fish and bugs are in season (and what time of day to catch them), along with any upcoming events including villager birthdays.

Unfortunately it's only available on iOS devices. But there is a similar app, Guide For Animal Crossing NH, which is available for android.


AC Patterns

Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

The custom design tool in-game can be a little daunting for those new to it, but thankfully the community has created a one-stop database for all your pattern needs. AC Patterns provides thousands of custom design ID codes for practically anything that can be customised with a design.



Nookapedia is a wiki fully dedicated to Animal Crossing, and is the perfect tool for learning the ins and outs of New Horizons and the series in general.

Since art collecting has now been added to the game, this is going to be very helpful for players who need to figure out whether they've bought a counterfeit painting from Crazy (now Jolly) Redd.