GoDaddy's Commercial Is Filled With All The Memes

by Mary Grace Garis

After years of vague risqué Super Bowl ads that had people asking, "OK, but what exactly is GoDaddy?", they're really going to tell it to you. The 2017 GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial for the domain space site is banging in the fact that it's internet-related by showing you where the personified internet lives. It also, for your own amusement, is chock-full of references to the World Wide Web. So you may be wondering, replay after replay, what are all the internet Easter eggs in the GoDaddy commercial?

Well, the truth is that nabbing all those hidden meta jokes will drive you absolutely crazy, as there are plenty stuffed in there. Moreover, as the YouTube comments seem to lament, these are old and sometimes forgotten memes working their way into the narrative, which is a little cringeworthy, like hearing your dad using "lit" or something. Now, in some respects that can't be entirely GoDaddy's fault, as memes are constantly being born, flooding our newsfeed for a brief time before they either retire of old age (i.e. show up on Family Guy a year later) or become a larger part of pop culture. No one can expect Salt Bae or “cash me ousside, howbow dah?” to appear in a commercial probably filmed months ago.

That said, it's really feeling like 2014 up in here. Regardless, it's a fun little treasure hunt, so watch the video below and then see what I rounded up.

The Gabe The Dog Lamp, The "Deal With It" Sunglasses, The Emoji Mug


Gabe literally just passed away at the end of January, so... too soon?

The Emoji Family Photo, The Reddit Robot Tattoo


He's actually boasting a lot of tattoos, like he's angling to intercept the Suicide Squad sometime in the near future.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, The Binary System On The Boxers, The IRL Towels


Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Of course not, no one could forget that.

"You've Got Mail" & The "Ermahgerd" Poster

There's also a chest filled with photos to right... is that supposed to be storage of JPGs et al? But then why wouldn't they be in folders?

The Dress, Also That "R.I.P." Floppy Disc Tattoo Is A Nice Touch


He can't pick either, by the way.

Cats On Roombas, A Taxidermied Honey Bager, Plenty Of Animal Statues, Pixelated Photos


Honorable mentions include the @ and & bookends and the framed spoilers sign on the left.

"I Want To Believe" Meme Backpack, The Socially Awkward Penguin On The Wall, The Grace Hopper Celebration Pin, The OK Go Pin

That last one is an obvious nod to the viral success of the "Here It Goes Again" video.

Sneezing Panda


Obviously not the Sneezing Panda (that one was a baby), but a decent homage.

"Never Gonna Give You Up" On The Radio


This commercial is literally Rickrolling us.

And... Is That A Literal Internet Troll?


Or some meme from 2010 that I can't remember?