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If you're an Amazon Prime member, you know that in addition to getting free two-day shipping on your monthly supply of toilet paper (provided that you're still able to find any), you can also stream plenty of movies and TV shows for free as part of your subscription. And there are so many added each month. In May 2020, the new movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime include three Amazon original series, three original movies, some classic movies from decades past, some completed TV series, and a good number of more recent films.

The original series include the debut of Upload. The new comedy about a digital afterlife is the latest creation from Greg Daniels, the co-creator of Parks & Recreation, The Office, and King of the Hill. One of the new original films is The Goldfinch, an Ansel Elgort-starring drama based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Donna Tartt. There are also a number of recent movies from other studios — like MGM's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels reimagining, The Hustle — as well as a great nostalgic TV series in Alias.

Read on to find out a little more about some of the best movies and shows hitting Amazon in May, and to see their exact release dates. There's also a full list of everything that will be available this month at the end.

'Upload': Season 1 - Streaming May 1

Greg Daniels is one of the greatest comedy writers of his generation, if not all time. A college friend of Conan O'Brien, Daniels went on to become O'Brien's writing partner at SNL before joining The Simpsons in its heyday. He then co-created King of the Hill, developed the American version of The Office, and co-created Parks & Rec. Now, he's created this new series for Amazon, and given his track record, it's probably going to be pretty funny.

'Friday The 13th: Part III' - Streaming May 1

In many ways, this iconic horror franchise didn't really begin until this film, the third installment. In the first movie, Jason Voorhees isn't the killer — his mother is. In the second, Jason makes his debut as the antagonist, but he's unrecognizable compared to his iconic later incarnations due to the burlap sack he wears on his head. But in this film, Jason finally gets his trademark hockey mask, and the rest is history.

'The Hustle' - Streaming May 7

In this gender-swapped update of the 1980s comedy classic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson portray two con-artists who compete against one another in trying to bilk a mark out of his vast fortune. But anyone who's seen the original film knows that things aren't going to go according to plan, as their target may know a bit more about the con game than the ladies suspect.

'The Goldfinch' - Streaming May 8

Reviews were mixed for this 2019 film starring Ansel Elgort, Sarah Paulson, and Finn Wolfhard, but adapting the eponymous novel was always going to be a challenge. Donna Tartt's coming of age story about a boy who witnesses his mother's death during a museum bombing won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2014, and though the film version didn't live up to expectations, the bones of the story remain as good as ever.

'Alias' - Streaming May 11

Jennifer Garner has been a major celebrity for some time now, and today she's mainly known as a dramatic actor and a devoted mother. But Garner first gained fame in the early 2000s as an action star in this cult-favorite TV series, where she starred as butt-kicking spy Sydney Brystow. The entire series hits Amazon this month, and it remains one of the best female-led action series ever made.

'Seberg' - Streaming May 15

This new Amazon original film just had its theatrical debut on Feb. 21, and now it's already landed on Prime. The political thriller/biopic stars Kristen Stewart as actor Jean Seberg, who tragically was driven to suicide after years of harassment by the FBI over her support for the Black Panther movement. Reviews of the film were mixed overall, but Stewart earned universally high marks for her performance in the lead role.

'The Last Narc': Season 1 - Streaming May 15

Netflix may be known as the prime destination of the true crime docuseries, what with their Tiger Kings and their Making a Murderers. But Amazon is getting in on the action, too, with this new series about the tragic killing of undercover DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena. Camarena was tortured and murdered by Mexican drug cartel members in 1985, but the series posits that the CIA may have also been involved in his death.

'Rocketman' - Streaming May 22

Unlike most musician biopics that wait until their subject has passed away before giving them the Hollywood treatment (see: Bohemian Rhapsody), Rocketman had the benefit of having a living Elton John on hand to let the filmmakers know the ins and outs of his life. The result is an entertaining and tragic look at the life and times of one of rock's greatest superstars.

'Homecoming': Season 2 - Streaming May 22

If Julia Roberts starring in the first season of this series isn't enough to convince you that television has surpassed film as the prestige visual art du jour, than nothing will. Season two follows Janelle Monáe as a character who arrives on a rowboat in a lake, with no memory of who she is or how she got there.

'Come To Daddy' - Streaming May 23

Elijah Wood has not had the career that anyone expected he would. After starring as Frodo in the massively successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, Wood has — like Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe — steered clear of franchises and has instead pursued smaller, odder projects. His latest is this genre-bending comedy/thriller about a man who attempts to reconnect with his estranged father and discovers an unending web of violence and strangeness.

'The Vast Of Night' - Streaming May 29

If you like your science-fiction old school, then this new original film will surely scratch your retro sci-fi itch. The movie takes place in the 1950s, with a framing device that depicts it as an episode of a Twilight Zone-like fictional TV series. The story is about a pair of radio DJs who investigate an unusual signal, believing that it may be coming from space aliens. Creepy lights in the sky and cat eye glasses have never paired so well.

Here's the full list of what's coming in May:


May 1


10 Fingers of Steel (1973)

A Cadaver Christmas (2011)

Assassination Tango (2003)

Best of Shaolin Kung Fu (1977)

The Blood Spattered Bride (1972)

Crooked Hearts (1991)

Daughters of Darkness (1971)

Escape From Alcatraz (1979)

Eurocrime! The Italian Cop And Gangster Films That Ruled The ‘70s (2014)

Fearless Young Boxer (1979)

The Final Countdown (1980)

Five Fingers of Steel (1982)

Friday The 13th Part III (1982)

Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (1982)

Gloria (2014)

Green Dragon Inn (1977)

House Of D (2005)

I Hate Tom Petty (2013)

Indie Film Artists: The DMV Truth (2016)

Inferno (1980)

Lakeboat (2000)

Night Train Murders (1975)

Pathology (2008)

Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977)

Seven Deaths In The Cat’s Eye (1973)

Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagouge (1977)

Some Kind Of Hero (1982)

Sprung (1997)

Torso (1973)

Walking Tall (1973)

The Whistle Blower (1987)

Who Saw Her Die? (1980)


Upload: Season 1 - Amazon Original series

May 3


The Durrells: Season 4

May 7


The Hustle (2019)

May 8


The Goldfinch - Amazon Original movie (2019)

Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan (2017)


Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal - Amazon Original special

May 10


Jack and Jill (2011)

May 11


Alias: Seasons 1-5

May 15


Seberg - Amazon Original movie (2020)


The Last Narc: Season 1 - Amazon Original series

May 17


Poldark: Season 5

May 19


Like Crazy (2011)

Trial By Fire (2019)

May 22


Rocketman (2019)


Homecoming: Season 2 — Amazon Original Series

May 23


Come To Daddy (2020)

May 25


The Tracker (2019)

May 29


The Vast Of Night - Amazon Original movie (2020)

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