The Scariest ‘It’ Moments You Unfortunately Need To Remember Before Seeing ‘Chapter Two’

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It Chapter Two, which premieres on Sept. 6, is set 27 years after the Losers Club first encountered Pennywise (Bill Skaarsgård), the creepy, and mysterious shapeshifting clown in 2017's It. A devastating phone call from Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) forces them to reunite in their hometown of Derry in the sequel. But while times may have changed, their enemy has not, and it may be helpful for the grown-up Losers to remember all they went through in the first film in order to take down Pennywise once and for all. If you need a quick recap, just look at the scariest moments in the first It movie, which will remind you just how high the stakes are in this final battle.

It was the summer of 1989 when It chose to mess with the wrong kids. And though the terrifying being is able to escape at the end of that film, it had finally found its match in Bill (Jaeden Martell/James McAvoy), Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor/Jay Ryan), Beverly (Sophia Lillis/Jessica Chastain), Richie (Finn Wolfhard/Bill Hader), Mike (Chosen Jacobs/Mustafa), Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer/James Ransone), and Stanley (Wyatt Oleff/Andy Bean).

The kids may have been shaken by It's attacks, but that didn't stop them from confronting their fears, standing up to their bullies, and surviving the worst. Here's a refresher on all the creepy stuff they endured:

Georgie's Death
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The horrors begin for the losers after the death of Bill's little brother Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott). The young boy sets out in the rain with his paper boat, but spots something that catches his eye in the sewers. Little does he know that Pennywise is waiting to devour him.

Ben's Encounter In The Library
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While studying Derry history in the library, Ben encounters stories about Pennywise's past. But things become way too real when an undead figure chases Ben through the building.

Eddie & The Germ Attack

Eddie is the group's resident hypochondriac, thanks to his mother, and so the scare Pennywise tailor-makes for him involves germs. It sends a gruesome zombie leper to chase after the boy.

Beverly & The Bloody Bathroom
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Beverly's solo scare happens the bathroom in the home she shares with her abusive father, where she heard voices coming from the sink. She attempts to tinker with the drain, but something comes out and grabs her. Then, suddenly, blood shoots up and covers the entire bathroom. Her father can't see it, but the other Losers can.

Big Brother Bait For Bill
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Bill's soft spot is, of course, his little brother Georgie, whose death haunts him. And Pennywise knew to use this to his advantage. He sends an undead Georgie to guide Bill downstairs to a flooded basement. When "Georgie" begins convulsing, Bill turns his attention to his younger brother, and It nearly catches him.

Surprise Slideshow
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While the kids come together in an old garage to try and figure out what's going on, a family photo slideshow begins to start cycling on its own. After being revealed slide by slide, Pennywise leaps out of the slideshow, physically manifesting itself from the screen, and nearly gets the kids.

Richie Steps Into His Worst Nightmare
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Stepping into an abandoned house is no walk in the park for any of the kids. But Pennywise's hideout is especially scary for Richie, who is afraid of clowns. He gets locked in a room full of fake clowns by himself — or so he thinks. Pennywise jumps out and scares the living hell out of the mouthy kid (and the audience).

The Losers Discover How Real It Is
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The kids are convinced that Pennywise — and all the horrible things they've been seeing and experiencing — are all in their heads. And so when they get up close and personal with the clown in the abandoned house where it resides, they stand their ground. But they soon realize that the threat is very real when It scratches Ben with his claws.

The Bullies Attack
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Bullies like Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton) don't compare to supernatural threats like It. But once they become murderous under the influence of It, they become a big problem. Seemingly under the influence of Pennywise, Henry kills his guardian and then goes after Mike.

Beverly's Father
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Though not under the influence of paranormal forces (other than the general hatred and malevolence It seems to bring to the town), Beverly's father is still a major threat in the film. He is abusive, and upon learning about Bev's guy friends, gets violent and possessive because she's no longer "his girl." Ultimately, he meets a bloody end, but then his daughter gets dragged into the sewers by It.

11. Stanley & The Flute Lady
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We meet Stanley on the eve of his Bar Mitzvah. When he enters his father's office, it's very obvious that he's scared of a painting of a woman with a flute. So it's especially horrifying when the painting comes to life, bites his face, and leaves bloody teeth marks all over.

"You'll Float, Too."
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At the film's climax, we discover what Pennywise means when he says, "You'll float, too." When the Losers reach It's layer, they see all the child victims of Pennywise plus their old toys and other belongings suspended in the air. And Pennywise the clown appears in multiple forms — each of them horrifying.

It Chapter Two features flashbacks to that violent summer, so you can count on some callbacks to these famous scenes. You may not want to relive them, but, hey, neither do the Losers.