Corinne Followed The Usual 'Bach' Villain Pattern

After more than a decade on the air, loyal Bachelor fans (like me) know that every season follows a certain pattern. There are always rose ceremonies at the end of each week that start with a cocktail party and end in a little bit of heartbreak. There are always one-on-one dates, awkward group dates, and even more awkward two-on-one dates. And no matter what, there is always at least one contestant who becomes the resident bad girl — and she's always easy to identify from the second she steps out of that limo. There may have only been one episode so far, but Nick Viall's season is no different. It was easy to tell that Corinne is this season's Bachelor villain, mostly because she followed the pattern of many villains who have come before her.

I don't know if there's a secret Facebook group or what, but though the seasons may change, the way Bachelor villains behave does not. It's pretty obvious to see that Corinne is well on her way to joining the ranks of Courtney Robertson, Kelsey Poe, and Olivia Caridi, and I'm actually looking forward to seeing how she'll spice this season up in the coming weeks.

Here's how Corinne became the official Bachelor villain from night one. I hope she proves me wrong, but if not? Bring on the drama!

That Intro Video, Though

I realize a certain amount of hamming it up for the camera goes into the intros for each Bachelor contestant, but Corinne's was way over the top. I mean, it was essentially Elle Woods' video application to Harvard from Legally Blonde. And worst of all, it introduced Corinne's nanny, who brings her sliced cucumbers. Yes, that's right, a 24-year-old adult woman has a nanny. It's hard to relate to that.

She Stole That First Kiss

Not only did Corinne make sure she got the first kiss, but she also interrupted someone else's conversation with Nick to do it. But in Ben Higgins' season, Lace Morris, who was definitely a villain at first, smooched him during her limo arrival just seconds after they met, so at least Corinne didn't jump that far ahead of the game?

She Immediately Rubbed Other Contestants The Wrong Way

Corinne walked into the Bachelor mansion confident, which is good, but convinced she was better than the other women there, which is bad. She also seemed convinced she'd get the first impression rose (even though she didn't), and the vibes she was putting off were making her fellow contestants roll their eyes. And since people in general are usually very perceptive, the villain is usually disliked on night one by the other contestants, so this one was a no brainer.

She Put Down The Other Contestants In Her Interview

During one of Corinne's in the moment interviews during the cocktail party, Corinne made snide remarks about the other women, like when she insinuated that Alexis was wearing her shark/dolphin costume to hide an undesirable body. Nothing big, but definitely enough to catch my attention and wonder how pure her intentions are.

She's Already Garnered A Lot Of Fan Hate

One of the greatest joys of my life is tweeting about and reading other people's tweets about The Bachelor during the show's season premiere, and this time around, fans were not into Corinne right away — and in large numbers, too. While watching The Bachelor premiere last year, Twitter was on fire with tweets about Lace and Olivia, who were Ben Higgins' instant villains. It's always the same!

All Those Steamy Clips In The Previews For The Rest Of The Season

This isn't technically from the first night of the show, but it is a premiere tradition for The Bachelor to give us a glimpse of what the rest of the season will look like. And as far as Corinne is concerned? There's a lot of making out with Nick, and a lot of pissed off looking contestants, so it doesn't bode well for her!

Whether or not Corinne remains the villain is yet to be seen, but it's definitely going to be an interesting season. I can't wait to see what happens!