Here's How Many People Have Been Caught Having Sex At Work

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Sometimes you know something may not be a great idea, but you can't just stop yourself. Welcome to the world of workplace flings and romances. And a new survey shows way more people may be in that position than you think. EdenFantasys, a sex toy store, asked 2,000 people about their history of love — and lust — in the office setting. According the survey, 44 percent of people had had some type of office romance. But then, if you've watched Jim and Pam's history on The Office, wouldn't you try to create a love like that?

That's not an endorsement for having one, however, as some office romances may be more trouble than they're worth. "Feeling attracted to people you work with is very common, but what is important to determine is whether or not what you're feeling is lust or love," sex coach and author of The New Rules of Sex, Lauren Brim, tells Bustle. "If it's lust, or the attraction is to someone unavailable, it's best to not pursue it. But if what you're feeling is bigger than that, then the relationship or romance is worth exploring." That being said, just because it may be best not to pursue office lust, doesn't mean people actually shy away from it. In fact, a lot of people do just the opposite.

Here's what the EdenFantasys survey found, because an office romance can escalate very quickly.


14% Of Offices Romances Led To Sex In The Office


Fourteen percent of office romances have led to sex right in the damn office, which just seems... shortsighted. Although it's not surprising — it's often something people fantasize about — but I can't think of anything less sexy than those rolling, lumbar-supporting chairs. But who am I to judge?


19% Of People Who Had Sex In The Office Were Caught


Having sex in the office seems to come with about a one in five chance of getting caught. It's hard to see how that would be worth it, once you run the numbers.


Most People Having A Fling Try To Hide It

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Out of people who have an office fling, the overwhelming majority — 70 percent — tried to hide it from all of their other co-workers. With the "getting caught bonking" rate so high, I imagine that not all of them were successful.


60% Of All Work Relationships Fall Apart With A Year

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Office relationships seem to be make or break — which probably makes sense, when you're spending that much time together and have the added pressure of having your jobs being potentially at stake. So, most of them don't go the distance. In fact, 60 percent of work relationships end before the 12-month mark.


1 In 4 Work Relationships End In Marriage

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Some office relationships go the other way, though. Even though this wasn't the most saucy statistic, it may be the most shocking of all — a quarter of office relationships end in marriage. Those are some damn good odds. I guess a lot of people, knowing that their jobs were potentially vulnerable, might wait to pursue a relationship until they were really sure it was worth it. But still, that's an awful lot of office relationships walking down the aisle.

Whether or not an office fling is worth it comes down to your circumstances — your office's policies, your role and the other person's role, whether you just want a hookup or a meaningful connection, and a lot of other factors. But even though a lot of people are doing it, it's important to think carefully before you make the leap. Sometimes it's just not worth it — but other times, it's 'til death do you part.