Here's How Many People Have Made Out With A Co-Worker At A Holiday Party

Djordje Radosevic/Fotolia

Of all the flings I've had, I have to say the most exciting was the fling I had with a co-worker. It started off innocent enough: flirting, deliberately slowing up or speeding down our pace so we always ended up in the elevator together, and lots of exchanged looks. It also helped that we both hated our jobs, so we could commiserate over that, too, especially at happy hour.

Then one night, during one of those "mandatory" work gatherings meant to be a team-building event, it happened: we kissed. I took him home that night and our fling, our secret relationship (that turned out not being so secret at all), began. It was hot. Also, he looked just like Han Solo, so that was definitely a plus.

Hooking up with co-workers, although sometimes frowned upon, happens more often than you probably think. According to the results of a new survey of 2,017 professionals by Reboot Digital, an SEO company, 45 percent of people reported having dated a co-worker at least once in their professional career. Like I said, it happens a lot. And, interestingly enough, it happens even more around certain times of year.

Here are seven stats from the survey to let you know you're not alone.


Over A Quarter Of Employers Don't Want Their Employees Dating

While this may make sense from a boss or business owner's perspective, because holy moly drama should there be a breakup, but if you consider that most Americans work an average of 47 hours a week with the same people — sometimes even more hours than they spend outside the office socializing — then what can you expect? So, sure, 26 percent of employers don't want you dating your fellow co-workers, and if you find yourself at one of these companies and wanting to hookup with a co-worker, it's certainly something to think about carefully.


Almost A Third Of Co-Workers Lock Lips The First Time At A Holiday Party

For 31 percent of those surveyed, the first time they kissed a co-worker was at a holiday party. Are you even remotely surprised by this? Between the merriment, the mistletoe, and the fact that you're about to get a few days off paid, the joys of the season are in the air and making out just seems like the most appropriate response to, well, everything.


Married People Have Engaged In Office Flings

The study found that of those surveyed, 20 percent of the flings involved one of the partners being married to someone else.


Winter Is A Big Time For Hooking Up With Co-Workers

Perhaps it's the combination of the holidays and the hoopla surrounding "cuffing season" working its magic on people's psyches, but the study found that, at 66 percent, people are more than twice as likely to embark on a fling with a co-worker in the winter months, than during any other time of year. I mean, if you're single, there's nothing wrong with wanting to add some extra warmth to your life when the temperatures drop, right?


Some Bosses Get In On Interoffice Dating, Too

While 26 percent of those surveyed said they'd prefer their co-workers not date or hookup, 12 percent of co-workers admitted to having dated a boss at some point in their professional life. Looks like for some of these bosses, it's more of a "do what I say and not what I do" situation.


More Than A Third Have Kept Their Relationship With A Co-Worker Top Secret

According to the survey, 38 percent have kept their office romance a secret. While that can be a great idea in certain environments, because gossip sucks and secret sex is really exciting, speaking from experience, the office knows. The. Whole. Office. Knows. It doesn't matter how stealth you think you're being; body language doesn't lie and chemistry is something that can't easily be hidden.


Some Have Had To Leave Their Job Because Of Their Liaison

Because not every fling, love affair, hookup, or even one-night stand can end amicably, the study found that nine percent of those surveyed were forced to leave their job due to "irreconcilable relations" with the co-worker they were once bedding. Also, six percent reported losing their job, as in being fired, because of their affair with a co-worker. Although as to the specifics on this one weren't listed, I like to believe it's because a scorned former interoffice lover flipped a desk and made a scene. You know, just for dramatic effect.

As evidenced by the results of the survey, dating a co-worker isn't going to be without its issues. But, again, speaking from experience, it can be exciting venture. You only come around this way once and if you live your whole life without having a quickie in the storage closet with a co-worker, you might find yourself at 80 saying, "Damn, did I miss out. Because that girl in the accounting department who wanted me was pretty effing awesome."