Alo & Nigel Barker's International Yoga Day Video Is Mesmerizing

I'm not much of a yogi, but I can appreciate the serious dedication, strength and flexibility that it takes to do some (or let's face it, most) of the poses. So I was definitely impressed when I saw the poses on display in Alo's International Yoga Day Video, which was shot by renowned photographer Nigel Barker.

International Yoga Day is June 21 (the same as the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere... I wonder if they planned that), so as a luxury activewear brand Alo had to do something cool to celebrate.

Alo partnered with Barker, of America's Next Top Model fame, to shoot a yoga video using a super high tech robotic camera that can take 1,000 frames a second, which allows them to shoot really cool slow motion videos that are absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Barker is actually one of the few people who has access to this fancy slow motion camera — he's previously used it to shoot the Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammys.

The video features eight popular yogis doing a variety of poses in Alo gear, including one handed arm balances, acro yoga poses, twisted headstands and backbends. It's rather impressive, to say the least. I also can't help but stare at the yoga pants, because I may or may not be obsessed with yoga pants (hint: I am).

This video is proof that you can do pretty much anything in Alo's activewear.

You can find Alo clothes on and in various department stores, including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom.