Here’s How To Know If You’re REALLY Ready For A Dog

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

You know the drill. You're walking down the sidewalk and then someone else's four legged pal crosses your path. You surprise yourself with the volume of your excited squeals. Your voice reaches an octave not often reached in human to human conversation. And now, under the hypnotic power of the pup, you're furiously searching available rescues in your area with more passion than you harbor when you're swiping through Tinder. You think you're ready for a dog. But, are you? Dogs are a lot of responsibility — so how do you know if you're really ready for a dog? You'll want to make sure you have a few staple characteristics before taking on the role of dog parent.

Being a dog parent is sort of, kind of, the role of a lifetime in a young person's life. This is a living, breathing thing that you have to feed and care for. There are hidden fees that you need to be prepared for as well, like vet bills and dog food. But despite the emotional and financial investment, your doggo — of course — will love you unconditionally and coat your face in a mask of drool. And that makes it all worth it.

So, are you seriously considering to add a fur ball of pure love to your family? It's never a bad idea, but you just have to make extra, extra, extra sure that you're ready for it. Like, all of the gross things that come along with the cute things. At the end of the day, no matter how tiny your dog is, this is a big love. Are you ready for it?

You Have The Time

We all have to work. But maybe you work from home? Maybe you work at a company that allows dogs to chill at your feet? If you have ample time that can be dedicated to hanging with your dog, you might just be ready for a new best friend. Your dog will need walks during the day. Can you imagine holding your urge to pee for eight hours a day until someone opened the bathroom door for you? You'll have to sync your schedule to your dogs, which means weekend and weeknight hangs.

You Have The Money

You don't have to be living in a mansion, but you should have a steady cash flow that can pad your and your doggo's lifestyle. There will be vet visits. Dog food isn't exactly the price of a happy meal. So, make sure you have enough flowing into the bank before taking on the financial responsibility of a dog.

You're Really, Really Adulting

There's "I-love-kitchen-utensils" adulting and then there is "I-balance-my-checkbooks" adulting. If you're ready for a dog, you're leaning more towards the latter. A dog is a real responsibility! They'll depend on you to administer their medications and daily meals. They'll need exercise and rides to the vet. Beyond being financially secure enough to know you can save up for puppy purposes, you should be prompt and reliable and aware that dogs can't eat chocolate!

You're Patient

Sometimes the dog will get into the trash. Sometimes the dog will not want to come back inside after a walk. Sometimes the dog will be very picky about where to poo. You'll have to practice patience because some dogs really take an exasperated sigh to heart.

You Aren't Afraid To Face Poo

Your dog will do gross things. Your dog might roll in mud. Your dog's hair might get all over the kitchen. But your dog will most definitely poop in public with a confidence that shakes you. And you'll have to pick that literal shit up. If you're thinking about becoming a dog parent, you'll have to be OK with this. Dogs don't grow up and learn how to pick up their own poo. This is a lifetime engagement, friends.

You've Done The Research

What's the best vet in your area? What kind of breed is right for your lifestyle? If you're one to hit the road a lot and want to take your pup pal with you, you'll want to maybe consider a whole other lot of dog accessories that fit your lifestyle. Like this Kurgo Zippy Travel Dog Bowl from Chewy. What are the best accessories and safe toys for your dog to play with? One Green Planet lists sustainable toys that won't hurt the environment or your pup. When you get a dog you become a dog parent. Read the literature before your pup comes home. Don't rely on frantically googling once your dog is looking at you for ... food, maybe?

You're Ready For A Best Friend

At the end of the day, you know when you know. You've put the chocolate on the highest shelf and you've made peace with waking up early to let the dog outside. You're ready for a consistent cuddle pal and adventure buddy. You're ready ~ready~ for a best friend. No hard feelings to your human bestie.