Amanda Stanton Is Crushing On John Mayer & Making Her Feelings Known

by Nicole Pomarico
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Bachelor star might be single right now, but if you want to know her type, think tall, romantic, and musically talented. On Wednesday, Stanton revealed that John Mayer is her celebrity crush. It's kind of serious, because apparently, he's her only celeb crush, and it's all because of what he posts on Twitter. Of course, there are a lot of reasons someone might have a crush on Mayer, like his music, but seeing him show his sense of humor in his tweets is definitely high on that list.

During Stanton's time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, we've seen her fall in love a time or two. Her engagement to Josh Murray and short-lived relationship with Robby Hayes may not have worked out, but maybe things happened exactly as they should, because now she's available for Mayer, should he come knocking.

Since he has more than 1.4 million followers, Stanton is hardly the only one who feels this way about the singer and his tweets, but her feelings do make a lot of sense. Mayer's got that bad boy, heartbreaker reputation, kind of like Murray had after he and Dorfman ended things after their Bachelorette engagement, so he kind of fits her type... even if Mayer may not share Murray's love affair with pizza.

It didn't take long before fellow former contestant Olivia Caridi chimed in to admit that she favorites all of Mayer's tweets:

And then, Bachelor producer Elan Gale extended an invitation to Mayer just in case he wants to join BiP next season, which would be a first for the franchise. The cast usually consists of former contestants, but there's a good chance fans wouldn't complain about Mayer making an appearance. After all, we've been waiting to see Stanton find her happily ever after ever since she was on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor — what better way to see it all end than to witness a romance between her, Mayer, and the beach?

And when it comes to Mayer's tweets, it's easy to see why they'd make Stanton fall in love. They're witty, relatable, and often funny, sometimes injecting a little truth where you'd least expect it.

In fact, lately, he's been doing these Q&A sessions with his followers, doling out surprisingly poignant advice, like he did in response to this tweet, asking about the best way to let go of grudges.

This is solid insight, right? And then, there was also his commentary on the state of the world in general, and how it's not always quite as bad as we think it is:

And we can't forget the time he offered up this perfect morning show segue, where he managed to pack in a Stranger Things reference while staying timely to the holiday season:

There's also that time he brought up a question about Garfield that nobody has bothered to ask, even though now that Mayer's talking about it, it definitely makes no sense that a cat would hate Mondays so much.

And then, there's the tweet he shared recently about the freedom of realizing that nobody's actually thinking about you as often as you think they are, no matter how self-conscious you might be:

Can someone compile all of Mayer's best tweets into a coffee table book or something? Stanton obviously has a point here — who couldn't have a crush on this guy after following him on Twitter?

Mayer has yet to respond to Stanton's declaration of love (or Gale's invite), but all hope is not lost. Maybe someday, these two will find their way to each other... and hopefully, it will be on camera, with Chris Harrison on hand to assist, in the way all true love stories begin.