Amanda's Ex Has Some Choice Words About Josh

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One by one, the couples of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 are dropping like flies, and earlier this week, we lost another. Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are reportedly over, and I'm not surprised at all — and now, it sounds like someone close to them is pretty happy this particular relationship didn't last. Even though they have yet to confirm their split, according to what he tells Us Weekly, Stanton's ex-husband is glad she and Murray broke up, because it means he won't be around their daughters anymore.

Bustle has reached out to Stanton and Murray for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Stanton's ex Nick Buonfiglio's exact words to the mag were, "Thank God he's gone from them," which makes it sound like for whatever reason, he didn't think this was someone who should be around his children. Buonfiglio didn't offer any details about why he feels that way.

So far, Stanton has yet to comment on his words, but I'm hoping that eventually she does. There's something about watching a couple fall in love on reality TV that makes me even more interested in the details of why they broke up, especially where a couple like Stanton and Murray are concerned who were kind of controversial from the start.

It's not at all shocking that Stanton and Murray are, seemingly, never going to make it down the aisle. On Bachelor in Paradise, their relationship was threatened so many times by their cast mates, many of whom tried to convince Stanton that she should break things off with Murray while they were still in Mexico. It's almost as if this relationship was doomed from the start.

However, it does seem like Murray got pretty close to Stanton's girls — at least, that's the way Instagram tells it. For the past several months, he's shared so many photos of the whole family together, and if the girls really did connect with Murray the way the pictures make it seem, it has to be hard for them now that he's gone. But if their dad, Buonfiglio, didn't like Murray being around them, maybe it's for the best that he may not be anymore.

Here's hoping everyone is happier — and that Stanton keeps the adorable pics of her kids coming. They're just so cute!