Amazon Will Offer You $30 For Shopping At Whole Foods This Week If You’re A Prime Member

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As if you needed an excuse to go food shopping, Amazon and Whole Foods have teamed up in honor of the upcoming Prime Day to give you an irresistible one. The 36-hour deal-centric holiday begins at 3:00 p.m. EST on Jul. 16 and will feature up to $30 in Whole Foods credits for Amazon Prime members, in addition to a few other alluring deals.

If you're not familiar with Prime Day, it's basically a opportunity for Amazon's subscription service members to take advantage of massive deals, while the rest of us experience such extreme FOMO that we go ahead and sign up to be Prime members ourselves. At least, that's my personal experience. This year, there will be over a million different deals available for Prime members to cash in on. Deals come in the form of price cuts, promotions, and lightning deals (which are flash sales that feature hugely discounted electronics while limited supplies last). In the past, Prime Day was a day that members would look forward to for deals big purchases like TVs, tech gadgets and appliances — but since Amazon purchased Whole Foods in Aug. 2017, food discounts are going to be some of the most attractive deals for Prime members to look forward to — especially if you're like me and often leave Whole Foods feeling like you spent you entire pay check.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced that they will be offering three different Whole Foods-related deals that Prime members can take full advantage of on Prime Day. So if you're not already a member, and with only a few days left before the big day, you might want to hurry up and sign up. Here's the scoop on each deal.

Get Amazon Cash

If you're an Amazon Prime member and you spend $10 at Whole Foods anytime between Jul. 11 and Jul. 17, you'll get a little gift! Amazon will award you a $10 credit that will show up on your Amazon account which you can redeem on Prime Day. All you have to do is scan the Amazon Prime barcode that you get on your Whole Foods app or Amazon app when you check out. Once you do that, the credit will be applied and you'll get the discount. Easy peasy fast savings for doing nothing — that's my kind of deal!

Get Whole Foods Cash

If you're a Prime member and you haven't yet tried Amazon's Whole Foods grocery delivery service, you've got a great reason to try it. Between now and Jul. 17, you can cash in a $10 discount with your order, plus you will get another $10 to use towards your next order.

Get Money Back

If you're an eligible Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card member, between Jul. 14 and Jul. 17 you can get a doubled cash back reward on total of $400 in Whole Foods purchases. So if you've got a hefty grocery trip to make, you'll probably want to save it for this window of Prime time. When you're making a big purchase, 10 percent goes a long way.

Get Deals On Specific Groceries

Certain grocery items, like boneless chicken, fresh baked cookies, cereals, berries, protein bars, vitamins, sparking water and coffee will be sold at a discounts up to 40 percent from Jul. 11 to Jul. 17 in honor of Prime Day. Check back with Amazon and Whole Foods on Wednesday to find out if your favorite groceries are getting big price cuts, too. If you're heading to the store, keep a look out for blue Amazon Prime member deal signs on the shelves. Aka, wait until Prime week deals start before going grocery shopping.