These Are The 10 Best Books Of 2018 So Far, According To Amazon

2018 is only half over, but so many truly incredible books have already been released. In the past six months, readers have been treated to dozens of smart, imaginative, and unforgettable new book releases. So to celebrate all the fantastic books that have come out in 2018, Amazon released their list of top book picks of the year so far. With summer reading in full swing, you definitely want to grab a few of these for your carry-on or beach bag.

Selected by Amazon's Books Editors, these novels and nonfiction titles each bring something absolutely unique to the table. If you're looking for a solid nonfiction title, there's Educated, Tara Westover's No. 1 New York Times bestselling memoir about getting an education after a childhood spent in isolation. Or if you're searching for a propulsive family drama, there's The Immortalists, Chloe Benjamin's poignant account of four siblings with complicated destinies.

Whether you're looking for a book that will teach you a little something over your summer vacay, or you're itching for an exciting thriller to get your heart pounding all through the night, these titles make the perfect additions to your summer TBR list. For a full list, you can visit Amazon's website.


'Educated: A Memoir' by Tara Westover

Tara Westover was raised by a survivalist family and spent her childhood preparing for the end of the world. She didn't step into a classroom until she was 17 years old. In this incredible memoir, she recounts how she eventually left her survivalist ways behind and earned a degree from Cambridge University.

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'The Great Alone' by Kristin Hannah

This page-turner of a novel tells the story of a Vietnam veteran, Ernt Allbright, who returns home and moves his family to a remote town in Alaska. At first, it's a welcome change, but as winter descends, Ernt's mental state begins to deteriorate, and the family begins to fracture.

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'The Feather Thief' by Kirk Wallace Johnson

This nonfiction book tells the story of a bizarre and completely unexpected crime: In 2009, a 21-year-old American flautist stole hundreds of rare bird skins from the British Museum of Natural History. Kirk Wallace Johnson gives you all the juicy details of this strange heist, and tries to answer one question: Why?

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'The Woman in the Window' by A.J. Finn

If you love Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, you need to read this No. 1 New York Times bestselling thriller. The story begins when an agoraphobic window witnesses a murder through her window. But she can't be quite certain what she saw, and she begins to question the truth of everything around her.

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'Girls Burn Brighter' by Shobha Rao

This electrifying debut novel tells the story of two girls, Poornima and Savitha, who have an incredibly strong connection. They first meet in India when Poornima's father hires Savitha to work on the sari looms. But after Savitha is driven away, Poornima goes on an intense journey to find her friend.

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'The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border' by Francisco Cantú

Timelier than ever, this book by Francisco Cantú is a behind-the-scenes look at life as a Border Patrol agent. Cantú bore witness to the harsh realities of undocumented immigration, and the obligations of his job began to weigh heavily on his sense of humanity. This book is an incredible and important look into how real people are impacted by the immigration laws that are being debate on the national stage today.

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'The Electric Woman: A Memoir' by Tessa Fontaine

Have you ever dreamed about running away to join the circus? Well, Tessa Fontaine actually did it! In this exhilarating memoir, Fontaine recounts her life on the carnival circuit, and it's just as wild a ride as you're expecting.

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'Children of Blood and Bone' by Tomi Adeyemi

This YA fantasy novel transports you to the land of Orïsha. Under the orders of a ruthless king, all of Orïsha's maji were brutally killed, including Zélie's mother. But now Zélie has one chance to overthrow the monarchy and bring the magic back to her people.

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'The Immortalists' by Chloe Benjamin

In this rich novel, four siblings visit a fortune teller who tells them the dates of their deaths. The years pass, and each sibling grapples with their supposed destinies in their own ways. This is a smart, character-driven story about destiny, family, and love, and you won't be able to tear yourself away.

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'There There' by Tommy Orange

This remarkable debut novel is an unprecedented look into urban indigenous life. This multigenerational story centers on 12 characters, all of whom have journeyed to the Big Oakland Powwow for different reasons.

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