Amazon's 99 Dopest Christmas Gifts

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There are two ways to go about buying gifts for Christmas or any holiday. One involves picking up classic items you know people will love (socks, sweaters, soaps — you know, the easy go-to's). The only downside is that those gifts are usually a bit impersonal. Gifting a bottle of wine is similar to handing out gift cards — it's definitely thoughtful, but it feels impersonal. So if you're looking to surprise your loved ones this year, explore your second option and check out all the dope gifts available on Amazon.

You won't find the regular old finds on this: but there's an eclectic variety of items that people of all ages will be excited to receive. There's a coffee mug that stirs itself, which is perfect for even the most casual coffee drinkers. I've even included a small sanitizing device that can get rid of up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs on phones and pieces of jewelry. Also, who can resist a programmable slow cooker? Because I know I can't.

Regardless of whether you're shopping for loved ones, distant family members, a neighbor down the street, or even yourself — there are tons of awesome gifts on Amazon to choose from.

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