Some Of Amazon's Best Black Friday Deals Are Still On Sale


If you're searching for the best deals on the best products, look no further than Amazon's 2019 Black Friday sale. The online retailer is selling thousands of Amazon items at massive discounts — so that you can nab a new tablet, TV, or appliance at a great price. The best Black Friday deals on Amazon are all online, which means you don't even need to leave the house to score big.

Whether you're shopping for holiday gifts or just treating yourself, all's fair in love and sales — so take advantage of the great deals while you still can!

50% Off This Fire TV Stick For Under $20

Watch your favorite streaming television, store your favorite apps, games, and photos, and browse the Internet with the Fire TV Stick that also connects to Alexa to control your remote with your voice. You can get it for under $20 while Black Friday lasts.

48% Off This Fiber Lash 4-D Mascara

This volumizing silk fiber lash mascara is waterproof and long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about reapplying throughout the day. Not only is it hypoallergenic, but it also won't flake, smudge, or dry out. Get it seriously on sale while Black Friday lasts.

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52% This Smart Doorbell & Alexa Echo System

In this smart home set, you get both a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Echo Show 5, so you can quickly know when someone has pressed the doorbell or even if there's just motion detected outside your door whether you're at home or you're out. There's two-way talk so you can easily chat with guests or delivery messengers, and you can even link it with other Alexa devices, too.

35% Off This 13-Inch MacBook Air

On sale for Black Friday, this classic 13-inch MacBook Air laptop is lightweight yet powerful. It has an LED, backlit widescreen display and weighs in at just under 3 pounds (2.96 pounds, to be exact). You'll get up to 12 hours wireless web battery life and 8 gigabytes of storage space.

50% Off This 23andMe DNA Test

With one saliva sample, you can gain access to a full report on your ancestry, information on your DNA, as well as connect with long lost relatives. This upgraded version of the 23andMe's famous DNA test includes wellness reports, health predisposition reports, and ancestry reports.

46% Off These 2 Cetaphil Facial Cleansers
28% Off These Towels That Clean Using Just Water
58% Off An Echo Dot And Smart Bulb
26% Off This Robotic Vacuum That Can Clean Your Whole Home

With sensors that can navigate around the furniture in your home, the iRobot 675 can clean your home without any of the work. Not only can it be controlled with your phone or voice assistant, it automatically docks itself to re-charge when it finishes your floor plan. Get it majorly discounted for Black Friday.

30% Off The PÜR Sweet 16 Travel Palette
30% Off This Full-Face Palette From PÜR
54% Off This Cult-Favorite Instant Pot

This cult-favorite cooking appliance can be used for seven different functions, including as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, or even as a yogurt maker. At the push of a button, you can set the digital display to any of the pre-programmed settings to create everything from soup, to chicken, to chili.

50% Off This 3-Piece Luggage From American Tourister

Available in three sleek colors, this luggage set includes all the suitcases you'd need for any type of trip. For under $100, you get a carry-on, a medium-sized suitcase, and a large suitcase for longer vacations. Each piece has all the right features, too, like TSA locks, spinner wheels, and expansion technology — plus, this deal also comes with a 10-year warranty!

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42% Off The Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooler
59% Off These Best-Selling Crest Whitestrips

With nearly 5,000 Amazon reviewers weighing in, these popular Crest Whitestrips are a great way to whiten your teeth quickly. Included are 22 pairs of Professional Effects whitening treatments, plus two bonus Express Whitestrips for last-minute meetings, dates, and nights out on the town.

47% Off These Calvin Klein Men's Boxers
59% Off These Calvin Klein Panties
40% Off This Top-Selling Braun Shaver
41% Off Greenies Dental Dog Treats

This pack of 36 dental chews are vet-recommended for pups to help them fight plaque, tartar, and germs on their teeth. Thousands of Amazon reviewers (and their dogs) swear by these breath-freshening treats. Get them for a great price while sales last.

47% Off This 4-Pack Of Crest Whitening Toothpaste
30% Off This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Not only is it able to be submerged in water, but this Bluetooth speaker can play music for up to 24 hours when fully charged. It's also shock- as well as dust-proof, and the extra USB port means you can even use it as an external battery.

32% Off The TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender

If your wi-fi has a few spotty areas throughout your home, why not pick up this wi-fi extender for 32% off? Installation is incredibly easy since there are no extra wires to deal with, and it only takes a few minutes to get it set up.

43% Off The AVSmart Outdoor Security Camera
20% Off This BaBylissPro Curling Iron
19% Off Apple Airpods In A Charging Case
46% Off This Pet Camera That Releases Treats

This treat-tossing camera is perfect for the pet parent who is out and about all day, or for an attention-hungry pup. With a built-in camera, you can see your pup in your own home from anywhere you are, and launch treats in the air to entertain your dog throughout the day.

58% Off This Silicone Cord To Keep Your Airpods Safe

This handy silicone cord connects your two AirPods so you don't have to worry about losing them (or worse, one). It comes in eight different colors, to match your style and even white to match your AirPods. Hundreds of Amazon fans rave that this cord is a fantastic accessory to use, particularly when traveling.

59% Off This Memory Stick For Your iPhone

This handy flash drive can connect to all your electronics, including your computer, phone, and tablet. That makes it a breeze to move files, music, and photos and video from one device to the next, or to store them safely on this data-encrypted memory stick. Get it for more than half off for Black Friday.

35% Off This Cozy Down Coat
30% Off This Sushi-Themed Card Game

Pair together your own sushi combinations in order to win points in this board and card game hybrid. Up to eight players can join in on the fun, as you move your pawns up the game board earning points for the best sushi combinations. Nearly 800 Amazon reviewers are in agreement about this game. One fan raves, "The first time I played this game I just fell in love. Perfect for 2-8 players, it really is a fun quick game that is easy to teach and understand. The sushi faces are just adorable and of course we want to eat sushi after playing it."

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35% Off The Exploding Kittens Party Game

Gather up the gang — kids included — and play this funny party game, which involves enchiladas, goats, and — of course — kittens. The card game has sold over 8 million copies, is simple to learn, and will keep everyone laughing for hours.

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30% Off Everyone's Favorite Adult Card Game
26% Off The Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch
35% Off The Proactiv 3-Step Acne System
36% Off This Eyebrow Gel In All Different Shades
41% Off This Sleek Bluetooth Speaker
30% Off This Lash-Growing Serum

Formulated with vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, this lash-boosting serum aims to leave you with thicker and longer lashes in just four to six weeks. How it works: Simply apply this serum to your lash line like an eyeliner and wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry. With repeated use, this award-winning serum will leave you with fuller, lusher lashes.

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36% Off These Popular Yoga Leggings
36% Off This ASUS Chromebook
33% Off This 2-Pack Of Smart Plugs
57% Off The Echo Input

For just $15 on Black Friday, this low-profile Echo Input (equipped with Alexa technology) can play music, set timers, or even tell you the weather in a pinch. You can get it in either black or white designs, or upgrade to a package with four months of free, unlimited Amazon Music.

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34% Off This Automatic Bread Maker
37% Off Sony Wireless Earbuds — With Extra Bass

These in-ear headphones connect via Bluetooth to your favorite devices — so you can listen to all your favorite music from up to 30 feet away. The flexible cord can weave behind your head or you can let it hang in front without worrying that it'll tangle. Even better, these headphones are compatible with voice assistants, and can be used for hands-free calling.

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37% Off These Long-Lasting Bluetooth Headphones
60% Off This Upright Cordless Shark Vacuum
41% Off The Insignia 32-Inch Fire TV
38% Off This Full SodaStream Set
23% Off The LEVOIT Allergens Air Purifier
26% Off This Powerful Handheld Shark Vacuum
41% Off This DNA Test For Your Dog

With a swab of the cheek, you can find out your dog's breed and ancestry out of an impressive database of more than 350 with this dog DNA kit. That info can be used to identify potential health issues early, as well as figure out the best training and nutrition plans for your pooch. Just send the swab in with the pre-paid shipping label and get all the info in as little as two weeks.

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34% Off The Vitamix Professional Blender
36% Off This Self-Emptying Robotic Vacuum

Get this hi-tech, high-quality robot vacuum for $200 off for a limited time only. It cleans your floors for you (and you can even control it with your phone using the Shark Clean app), and then, when it's done, it automatically docks itself in its charging station so you never have to worry about powering it up on your own.

50% Off The Fire TV Stick With Alexa

With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can access all your favorite television, including thousands of shows and movies via Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more. It can also be controlled by your voice via Alexa technology, using the microphone button located on the included remote.

56% Off This Echo Dot With Over 70,000 Reviews

For less than $25, you can turn your home into a smart home with the Echo Dot. This compact smart speaker with Alexa technology lets you play music, make a call, or ask questions with just your voice. Connect it to other smart devices like plugs and doorbells to control the lights, see who's at the door, and much, much more. There are four colors to choose from including plum and heather gray, as well as a further discount if you buy three.

38% Off Amazon's Best-Selling Tablet

This 8-inch tablet comes with a vibrant high-definition screen and 16 gigabytes of storage, with an option to double the storage space. Cameras in the front and back make it easy to chat on, and it has up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

40% Off These Detoxifying Charcoal Face Wipes

Safe for all skin types, these popular facial wipes utilize charcoal in their formula to detoxify and clarify your skin. For a super affordable price, this two-pack comes with 60 wipes in total, so you'll have enough to last you months of daily use.

30% Off This Lotion That Dries Pimples Out Overnight

This fan-favorite drying lotion can banish blemishes overnight by drying out the oil in your pimples or zits. With a powerful blend of calamine, sulfur, salicylic acid, and zinc oxide, this lotion should be applied to pimples that have already come to a head. Dip a Q-tip right in and spot treat.

61% Off This Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine
50% Off This All-In-One Espresso Machine

This popular combination espresso maker and aeroccino can whip up lattes, cappuccinos, and plain espresso. How it works: Use the Nespresso machine to brew espresso to one of five different sizes, and simultaneously froth milk using the aeroccino. Hundreds of Amazon reviewers rave about how easy this coffee maker is to use and how great the end result tastes.

52% This Smart Doorbell & Alexa Echo System

In this smart home set, you get both a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Echo Show 5, so you can quickly know when someone has pressed the doorbell or even if there's just motion detected outside your door whether you're at home or you're out. There's two-way talk so you can easily chat with guests or delivery messengers, and you can even link it with other Alexa devices, too.

33% Off The All-New Kindle E-Reader
30% Off This Trio Of Best-Selling Facial Sprays

Mario Badescu's best-selling facial sprays are on sale for Black Friday. Included in this three-piece set are the cucumber and green tea, rosewater and herbs, and lavender and chamomile sprays, all of which are infused with soothing aloe. These will tone and refresh your skin throughout the day, can be applied before makeup, and are great for hydrating your skin while you're traveling.

29% Off A Powerful Steam Mop Safe For Hardwood Floors

Not only is this two-in-one steam mop safe for hardwood floors, but it also uses hot water and a microfiber pad to lift up set-in stains and grime from the surface of your floors. It even comes with a bristle scrub brush you can use on your countertops, tabletops, and other household surfaces.

20% Off This Sous Vide Precision Cooker
17% Off This Body Groomer & Trimmer

This wet/dry body trimmer is an easy way to rid your face or body of any unwanted hair. The head of the trimmer is contoured so you can groom hard-to-reach areas, and it comes hypoallergenic blades to minimize irritation. Even better? The included charging stand means you'll never lose it or forget to charge it back up.

38% Off A 2-Pack Of Head And Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo
31% Off These No-Show Socks
42% Off These Adidas Track Pants
20% Off This Durable Bluetooth Speaker That Sounds Great

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