Amber & Barnett Say Their Marriage Is In "A Really Strong Place" After 'Love Is Blind'

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Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1-10 of Love Is Blind Season 1. Despite having some cold feet jitters on the day of his wedding, Barnett married Amber on Love Is Blind. And yes, a year and a half later, they remain happily together. All of the fans playing detective with the couple's Instagram comments can give themselves a pat on the back.

After the two finished filming the show, they moved out of Barnett's house and into an apartment in downtown Atlanta, where they've been keeping busy. "We get to go to baseball games all the time," Amber tells Bustle. "We've honestly just been traveling and going to concerts and having fun together." Adds Barnett: "It's kind of the most fun relationship I've ever had."

Still, the pair had some kinks to work out after the cameras stopped rolling. "Everything happened so fast and it was so condensed that there was a lot of stuff that we didn't get the chance to work on [before getting married]," Amber says. "There are some things about relationships that can only come with time ... [but] I think our marriage is in a really strong place right now."

Barnett agrees. "We kind of went through this, like, honeymoon phase right after the show and then we started realizing that we aren't perfect people and we both have faults," he says. "But they didn't start becoming a realization until a few months after we got out [of the pods]. We started putting pressure on each other because we expected [ourselves and our expectations] to mesh and they didn't always mesh. But it didn't matter because we'd already built such a strong foundation."


That foundation is all thanks to the unconventional way they met; the couple says that if they'd run into each other out in the real world, they wouldn't have advanced past something casual. "If we had met each other on the street, we might have had like a fun fling, but it never would have developed into anything," Barnett says. Adds Amber: "Had it been us in person, honestly, we're so ridiculous together [that] we probably would have spent the entire time just goofing around."

From the sounds of it, they're still enjoying being ridiculous together, but they're also making some serious plans for their future. Amber is going back to school for something she doesn't yet want to reveal, while Barnett got a great new job in construction. They plan to continue traveling for now, but eventually hope to buy a new house and start having kids — potentially 18 of them. "We made a joke in the pods," Amber says. "We were talking about how many kids we wanted, and Matt said he wanted 18, trying to scare me off." Luckily for Barnett, Amber doesn’t scare that easily.

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