Amber Gill's Comments About Being A Millionaire Are A Lesson In Self Confidence

Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images

As one of the biggest reality TV series out there, Love Island can be a massive springboard for a *very* successful career. From gaining millions of Instagram followers to clothing collabs with online boutiques, it feels like some of the islanders from the villa in 2019 have really reaped the benefits of their time of the show and some hard graft afterwards. However, one islander has been dubbed the most successful of all. Amber Gill has become a millionaire just five months after leaving the villa. The winner of Love Island 2019 may not have been so lucky in love but she won the hearts of the nation and has come out with some seriously impressive collaborations since she appeared on the show.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s impossible to stay out of the Love Island gossip once summer rolls around. The 2019 series was a rollercoaster of emotions and, as Amber Gill went on to win it with her then partner Greg O’Shea, it marked the start of win after win for her.

On top of walking away with half of the Love Island jackpot of £50,000, Gill has done a number of brand collaborations, including launching her first clothing range with Miss Pap that is worth a staggering £1 million.

Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images

Speaking with The Sun about all that has happened since leaving the villa, Gill said, “I always told my family I’d be a millionaire and now I am.” Yes. We stan a confident queen who is unashamedly proud of what she's achieved.

Gill continued" “People always say ‘wow’ when I walk in a room. When I go to nightclubs now everyone knows who I am. I forget that I’m famous all the time.”

Since the leaving the show in August 2019, Gill has accumulated a massive online following (she’s got 2.8 million followers on Instagram) and has recently started a podcast with her islander BFFs, Anna Vakili and Yewande Biala, called Reality Check.

This year has been a life changing one for Gill, and I'm guessing her success is going to keep on rolling through 2020 and beyond.