Let’s Talk About Why Amelia & Link Make SO MUCH Sense On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Jessica Brooks/ABC

Amelia and Owen have been donezo for a few episodes now, and Amelia's relationship with Link is heating up on Grey's Anatomy. On Thursday night he braved a family dinner night with Amelia's mom and sisters where they all thought he was Owen (Amelia's not so good at keeping them up to date on her life), and Link showcased what a perfect match he is for Amelia. Owen frequently got angry with and chided Amelia at any sight of marital or parenting trouble, but Link is like the anti-Owen. He's done nothing but build Amelia up, while also being honest with her and having hard conversations about her life and her work.

The duo hasn't made anything official yet, but it's definitely trending that way after their New York trip got more real than they expected. On the plane ride home, Amelia seemed like she was finally ready to accept that Link is more than just "pain management" for her. He's a real romantic option and a thousand times better than Owen who called Amelia in the episode just to shout about how he'd lost Leo's stuffed animal. By contrast, Link is a calming presence who is willing to be there for Amelia and has never used her addiction against her. (Remember when Owen blamed her for potentially losing custody of Leo because of her addict status? Also he once told her, "there’s just some fundamental part of you that can’t love or be loved," which makes him the worst.)

Instead, Link took every opportunity to try to get both Amelia and her sisters to see how far she's come. In fact, even after Amelia invented an excuse for them to leave, he wanted to stay so her family could get to know the real Amelia. She's come a long way from her drug addict days, as she explained to her family. "I am sober," she told them firmly. "I am responsible, and I am a neurosurgeon." Link chimed in too, calling her a brilliant surgeon, teacher, and mentor who was also beautiful, funny, kind, and strong.

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After they left dinner, Amelia lamented that whatever relationship she and Link had was ruined now, because he knew too much about her. They got into a fight, but Amelia eventually made it up to him with some donuts. Their budding love is pure and sweet — everything Owen's wasn't.

The actor who plays Amelia, Caterina Scorsone, told Entertainment Tonight that she was surprised when she got the storyline for this episode. "I didn't see it coming," she said of the Link stuff. "It [was] kind of a twist that [showrunner] Krista [Vernoff] came to me about, she was like, 'We want to try this. You're going to go back to New York and he's going to be there.'"

Scorsone added that it's been a refreshing plot for Amelia, who's seen some pretty dark episodes of late. "Chris Carmack [who plays Link] is a super talented guy and so it's been fun to play with him. The chemistry is really good and there's been a lot of fun, comedic beats that we've been able to play, which has been a really refreshing turn for Amelia," she said.

Hopefully this refreshing turn sticks around for Amelia and Link. They both deserve something light and happy, and Amelia needs to move on from Owen with someone who builds her up instead of tearing her down.