American Eagle Will Sell Bermuda Shorts This Summer Because It's 2002 Again

American Eagle

Put your chokers and grunge dresses away, because the '90s are out and the 2000s are officially making their comeback. Case in point: American Eagle is launching Bermuda shorts this summer, bringing back the denim capri look. Short-shorts are going to feel blasé this season, especially when you have these early-noughties Bermuda pants waiting to elevate your outfit.

While the '90s took over contemporary fashion the last couple of years with brown lipstick and grunge apparel, there has been a slight shift recently towards the Y2K years. Bella Hadid has been walking around with Lizzie McGuire-inspired pleather outfits. Carrie Bradshaw's baguette bag is having a moment. Top super models are wearing the small tinted glasses that reigned supreme in 2002. All signs point towards a noughties resurrection. And now American Eagle is bringing back the Bermuda denim.

Before you grimace, these denim shorts won't be a perfect replica of your pairs from 2005. These new styles have modern updates, making them feel more contemporary.

Specifically, American Eagle is dropping four styles: the High-Waisted Tomgirl Denim Bermuda Short, the 90s Boyfriend Denim Short, the Super High-Waisted Denim Biker Short, and the Ne(X)t Level Super High-Waisted Denim Biker Short. Let us dissect each of these looks one by one.

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The High-Waisted Tomgirl Denim Bermuda Shorts are a perfect example of how American Eagle took a trend that's nearly 20 years old and reworked it for present day. The shorts hit mid-thigh, but rather than feeling dated the Bermudas feel fresh. That's because their silhouette is relaxed and baggy.

The 90s Boyfriend Denim Shorts get a playful update from the knee-grazing Bermudas of our pre-teen years thanks to its rough and ripped hem. The torn hem gives the shorts a chic look. These are a lot like Kendall Jenner's Bermuda shorts at Coachella in 2015. Clearly the Bermuda trend was slowly bubbling to make a comeback.

The Super High-Waisted Denim Biker Shorts are probably the closest throwback to the Bermuda shorts you wore to high school or junior high in the early 2000s.

They look just like the denim jeans that Hollywood starlets like Nicole Richie, Ciara, and Lauren Conrad used to wear. But that's part of the Denim Biker Shorts' charm.

The Ne(X)t Level Super High-Waisted Denim Biker Shorts give your closet a black denim option. They have a rough look to them thanks to the ripped hem and denim rips across the legs. But they also feel modern thanks to the high waist. As you probably remember, the early 2000s were all about the impossibly low waist jeans that celebs like Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie championed.

The Ne(X)t Level Denim Biker Shorts are pretty similar to the ones that Mandy Moore wore in 2005.

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While Bermuda shorts are a definite throwback piece, A-listers have been slowly incorporating them into their wardrobes. For example, Kourtney Kardashian has been a fan, pairing hers with high heels.

Kim Kardashian also gave Bermuda shorts a spin, pairing hers with a monochrome outfit and wrap-around shades.

Gigi Hadid also wore them on numerous occasions, usually giving them a grunge twist with plaid pieces.

The verdict is clear: Bermudas are going to be all the rage this summer season.