Amy Schumer Remembers The Moment She First Considered Comedy In 'Dying Laughing' — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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The world of a comedian isn't all laughs, and the upcoming documentary Dying Laughing gives an up-close look to show audiences why. The film, out Feb. 24, takes a personal look at iconic comics including Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, and Sarah Silverman in their fascinating element of performing comedy. The feature film, described as "beautiful, moving, funny, and unique" depicts the hurdles and triumphs that come with often being a one-man show. With original interviews, the film explores the vulnerable side of comedians, including having them reflect on their journey, its difficulties, and why they chose it to begin with. In the exclusive clip below, Amy Schumer thinks back on how it all happened before her career and life of fame exploded.

Schumer recounts that before seriously considering life as a comic, it was her stories that unintentionally had loved ones cracking up. "I would call my sister, and I would say, 'Oh my god, I went home with a guy last night and he has the biggest penis. I bailed as soon as I saw it and left,'" she says. That's when her sister planted the seed and said she should consider taking her antics to the stage. From there, it was creating punchlines and learning to work the crowd, and the rest was history.

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In the clip, Bonnie McFarland also opens up about the struggle of retooling jokes to make them work, saying sometimes it takes up to 10 years for one joke. Clearly, this is just one aspect of the difficulty that comes with comedy. Looking at these comics off stage, seeing their challenges, and considering who they were before fame is certainly eye-opening. And it goes to show how well they can truly perform when such struggles are so effortlessly masked by their gift in making fans roar with laughter.