Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Redoing Its Formula & Wants You To Weigh In

by Rosie Narasaki

Anastasia Beverly Hills is still recovering from some serious Subculture formula backlash — and now the brand is asking fans how to make it right. Claudia Soare, president of Anastasia Beverly Hills (and daughter of the company's founder and namesake, Anastasia Soare), took to Instagram to directly ask the ABH community for input on eyeshadow. Specifically, the ABH creator asked fans for their likes and dislikes when it comes to loose pigment and glitter eyeshadow formulas, also opening up the discussion to include color requests.

Soare posed the question on Aug 15. in the late evening. As of the writing, the inquiry has already amassed an impressive 1,600 comments — and that number is sure to continue growing.

ABH rose to fame on social media, so it makes sense that the brand is keeping up the tradition of connecting with their fans directly. But the fan-focused question also comes at a time when the brand is in hot water with loyal ABH lovers for a notoriously powdery formula in its latest palette, Subculture.

The concept of loose shadow, however, is new territory for the brand. And it's undoubtedly exciting — especially if fans get a say.

The comments on Soares post really run the gamut, showing the range of wants from ABH fans. Some simply stated their favorite colors (rose gold gets mentioned about as many times as you'd expect), while others talked more extensively about formula and packaging.

Many had practical requests for adding in a sifter or a stopper to the packaging.

In fact, some even requested a new type of applicator to help navigate the messy application process.

Versatility was an important factor, too. Many suggested creating a formula that could be applied wet or dry.

Duochrome pigments got a lot of love as well.

And quite a few people couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw a little shade at Subculture, like this fiery burn.

Ouch. But hopefully with a little help from their fans, ABH can reclaim their reputation as eyeshadow geniuses.