Here’s Why ABH Is Refunding Some Customers For Their Subculture Palette Purchase

In case you missed it, ABH fans were beyond stoked for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette release. Despite a leak of the palette earlier in the year, the fanfare surrounding the launch was still incredibly high, but it wasn't without a little bit of controversy. Naturally, Anastasia Beverly Hills is taking it in stride and making sure customers are happy with their palettes.

What's caused the brouhaha? It seems as though a bad batch of the unique palette was sold to customers. According to Norvina Claudia Soare, President of Anastasia Beverly Hills (and daughter of Anastasia Soare), the palette was the first time the brand used automatic pressing of the shadows. As a result, there were inconsistencies in the strength of the press. When shadows aren't pressed hard enough, it results in excessively dusty shadows with loads of fall out. Beauty gurus like Laura Lee and Alissa Ashley were upfront about the palette's shortcomings and showed fans exactly what happened during use on their respective YouTube channels.

Soare and the brand aren't taking the criticism laying down, however. Instead, Soare stated on Twitter that the palette can be refunded for the full cost if customers are unhappy with their purchase. If you bought the ABH Subculture palette and are not pleased with the shadows, the brand will issue you a full refund.

The brand's customer service department seems to be handling all returns of the palette.

While frustration over the palette is expected, the brand is working hard to make sure every shopper is pleased.

It does seem as though changes will be made to future palettes. In one Twitter response, Soare explained that ABH will be pressing the shadows harder in future production.

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, you can contact Anastasia Beverly Hills for a full refund. If you haven't purchased the palette yet, but would like to, rest assured that the ABH family is working hard to make sure all future Subculture palettes won't have the same issues.