This Is Anastasia Beverly Hill's Most Anticipated Palette

If there's anyone that knows how to get their fans excited over a launch, it's Anastasia Beverly Hills. With just one Instagram post, they've sent the beauty world into a major makeup freakout. Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette is a fan favorite and it isn't even here yet. Yes, you read that right. The internet is freaking out over the palette that they haven't even seen the inside of. Once you hear all the deets about this palette, you'll be excited too.

It wasn't long ago that ABH created the Modern Renaissance Palette that everyone from beauty beginners to YouTubers fell in love with. Well, brace yourself, because it's getting a sister palette. According to the brand's social media post, ABH created the Subculture Palette specifically with their Instagram followers in mind. It seems to be a collection of cool toned shadows that are set up the exact same way as the Modern Renaissance Palette.

"It all started here!," the Instagram caption reads. "ABH branched out into makeup (for the second time in our company history) on Instagram. What social media did for our brand, and others alike, is connect us with our makeup family."

The inside of the palette hasn't even officially been shown, and fans are already freaking out over the launch. It's incredible, really. People are already in love with the Subculture Palette and are setting money aside for the July 25 launch on the ABH website.


IRL footage of fans right now.


I'm dying.

It needs a friend!

Take it all.

Get it right.

Needless to say, you should set your alarms, because this palette is going to fly off the virtual shelves.