Andi Asked Nick About His 'Bach' Fantasy Suites


Just in case Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor didn't have enough drama for you, a former Bachelorette is on deck to switch things up even more. On Monday night's episode, Andi Dorfman surprised Nick before the rose ceremony that would determine who makes it on to Fantasy Suite dates, and she managed to make things a little awkward. Andi asked Nick if he would have sex with any Bachelor contestants on his Fantasy Suite dates, and, for the life of me, I could not understand why.

It was a fairly normal conversation to begin with — they talked about Nick's experience on The Bachelor so far and, even though it was a little weird that Andi was there, it sounded more like old friends catching up... until the sex thing. However, even if the question came out of left field, I did appreciate Andi's take on it; she reminded him that it's OK to have sex if he wants to without shame, which is a great attitude to have. And then, it started to become a little clearer why she brought the topic up in the first place, and if you're still a little lost, three words might ring a bell: Fiancé type stuff.

As you may recall, during After The Final Rose that aired after Andi's season finale, Nick asked why she slept with him if she didn't end up wanting to marry him. It was a bit of a shocking moment to witness, as usually what happens in the Fantasy Suites stays in the Fantasy Suites. Talking about sex again led into these two finally bringing that moment back up, and it sounds like Nick does regret what happened back then. "When I said that it brought you a lot of heartache and pain," he said. "I've always cared about you and I want you to be happy and for that, I've always been sorry."

They actually ended things on a high note (or so it seemed), despite Andi's strange line of questioning. Hopefully, there aren't more surprises to come... or actually, hopefully, there are. I could use a little excitement.