'The Bachelor' Keeps Doing Dramatic Reenactments & Fans Can't Handle Them


After, like, 78 seasons of The Bachelor (supervising producer: Deborah Read), the show can begin to feel a little stale. Viewers have seen it and loved it and then gotten over it, you know? There are only so many times that Chris Harrison can claim is the "most dramatic season ever." Well, producers have found a new way to make things interesting — The Bachelor's Annaliese reenactments are the newest addition to the season, and fans are loving the tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Now, this is not to take away or poke fun at Annaliese's childhood traumas. No one should joke about that, but there's no denying that The Bachelor editors have really stepped it up this season. And, fans are loving it. So far, there have been two issues from Annaliese in two weeks of group dates. The first took place during a demolition derby date — all of the women were down to smash up some cars, but Annaliese was scared and stressed out because of a particularly upsetting bumper car incident in her youth. The next trauma came on a group date in which the women had to work with dogs. Yes, Annaliese has a problem with dogs because her grandparents' old, crotchety dog bit her in the face when she was a child. To be fair, she did defend this on Twitter:

It seems The Bachelor is adding dramatizations to all of Annaliese's fears and fans are so into it. It helps that Annaliese seems to be OK poking fun at herself too, while still recognizing that it's legit to have these fears (it is).

Fans Love The Drama

And Fans Think They're Pretty Hilarious, Too

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The Bachelor Should Get A Statue For This

The Bachelor has figured out what the people want — they want funny! The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are the tentpole shows of the Bachelor year, but everyone's favorite show is Bachelor In Paradise. Why? Because it's an absolutely ridiculous spectacle, and everyone knows it. And because ABC knows it, too, Bachelor In Paradise is the Monty Python's Flying Circus of television dating shows — there are voices and sounds and off-kilter storylines, and it's all just a part of the fun. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are so serious that they can be boring at times. The limos and the ceremonies and the pomp and the circumstance. Bachelor In Paradise is a party, and now, with these funny dramatizations of Annaliese's childhood, producers are bringing that party to The Bachelor.

Who could forget Clare Crawley talking to a crab? They had a great conversation about who she should take on a date.

Or how about Josh Murray eating 15,000 frozen pizzas in Mexico and the show dubbing moans over him eating them? Ashley Salter had a full conversation with some birds on her season. These are the moments that people remember, seasons later, and it seems as though the producers on The Bachelor are finally clued into that. Who wants to watch 20 women cry at a rose ceremony when we can watch Ashley Iaconetti cry for 20 minutes straight? Or see one single strand of saliva go between Evan Bass and Carly Waddell's mouth as they kiss? Whether its that Arie is kind of boring (I'm just saying, OK? Don't @ me) or that the content is there to create, The Bachelor's dramatizations are the newest must-see television of the season. The hardest part will be when Annaliese leaves the show — we're going to need some more deep, dark secrets from some of the other contestants in order to keep this content train going. Who's on board?