Anne Hathaway Is A Relatable Mess In 'Colossal'

by Taylor Ferber

Young adulthood is a time for many of us who are trying to figure out our lives, while often feeling like a complete and utter mess. The upcoming quirky film Colossal takes that notion literally, showing what life would be like if the catastrophic monsters in one's head were released into the world. The film, out April 7, stars Anne Hathaway as Gloria — who is anything but your typical romantic comedy lead. She's an unemployed woman trying to get her life together after drinking and partying caused her boyfriend to kick her out. And get this: She later discovers that attacks by a giant monster in South Korea are somehow tied to, and possibly caused by, her own ongoing mental breakdown. As far-fetched and entertaining as the premise is, Hathaway's character is surprisingly relatable.

At the onset of these strange circumstances, Gloria reconnects with childhood friend and bar owner Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). In this exclusive clip from the film, Gloria and Oscar take a breather and reflect on a park bench amidst the chaos and realization that the colossal monster is somehow mimicking Gloria from overseas. It's a time of trauma and confusion on a large scale, yes, but that won't stop Gloria from word-vomiting about her past to the guy who's bound to be her love interest.

Whether comically exploring the narcissistic nature of adulthood or the actuality of mid-life crises, Colossal looks like a totally wild ride, relatable in all of its unexpectedness.