April Fools' Day Memes To Share On Facebook

by Kiersten Hickman
Warner Bros. Television

Does your Facebook feed usually blow up with all of those fake engagement announcements and April Fools' Day pranks every year? Same. Which is why having the best response for April Fools' Day, like a snarky meme, is very much needed. So what are some April Fools' Day memes to share on Facebook this year?

Let's be honest, you are probably one of two people when it comes to April Fools' Day shenanigans: You either contribute, or you run. No matter where you are at on that spectrum during April Fools' Day, you're probably going to want some memes up your sleeve that you can post as your status, or even as a response to other people's posts, that will perfectly depict how you feel about April Fools' Day. Plus, even thinking and planning out an April Fools' Day prank takes a ton of time and energy that you may not have the luxury of this year. Saving up a few memes to post on Facebook can still be contributing to the craziness of the day.

So now matter how you're feeling about April Fools' Day — either up for challenge of pranking, or running from those you know will be pulling some pranks in the office — one of these memes will be just what you need as a response for the day.

For moments you are instantly regretting that prank you just pulled...

When you realize you'll never live up to the experts.

When you would like to pull a prank but don't know how to pull it on, and just want to share one.

When you want to make fun of all of those pregnant posts on Facebook.

When you need to preface the crazy April Fools' antics that are about to take place on social media.

For all of the poor souls out there who actually have a birthday on April Fools'. Or if you don't have a birthday on April Fools' and want to trick people into thinking it's your birthday.

When you're scared of literally everyone all day.

When you're feeling like the snow you're still experiencing outside is probably the biggest April Fools' trick of them all.