11 Of April’s Best ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Moments That Fans Should Always Remember

by Danielle Jackson
ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Well, you can officially kiss any hope you had for a Japril reunion goodbye: Last week, ABC officially announced that Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw — who play Dr. April Kepner and Dr. Arizona Robbins on the show, respectively — are leaving the show after Season 14. Since their introductions on the series (Drew in Season 6, and Capshaw in Season 5) both characters have become fan favorites, leaving behind some pretty legendary on-screen moments that are truly unforgettable for die-hard fans. April's best moments on Grey's Anatomy were pretty legendary, and they didn't all take place inside the O.R.

April will always be an unforgettable character on Grey's Anatomy for more reasons than one. Aside from the fact that she's an amazing doctor and surgeon, she's overcome a lot in her personal life that she deserves all of the applause for. She was the first to alert Dr. Webber when it was discovered that there was a shooter in the hospital in Season 5 and she pushed through the devastating loss of her first child a few seasons after.

It's definitely sad to see her go, but she's had some moments on the show that are sure to stay with fans forever and ever.


When She Became Chief Resident At The Hospital

Much to the chagrin of her fellow residents, April won the coveted title in Season 8. Because she's April, many of the doctors at Seattle Grace had a hard time taking her seriously, and despite that, she proved she was the best candidate for the job on several occasions.


When She Came Face To Face With Gary Clark

The Season 6 episode that saw Gary Clark going on a shooting rampage through the hospital already had us on edge for obvious reasons, but April's emotional interaction with him is probably one of her best scenes on the show.


When She First Began To Show Promise As A Trauma Surgeon

April had a good run working under Derek in neuro once upon a time, but working alongside Dr. Hunt in the pit is where she really began to shine.


When Failing Her Boards Didn't Stop Her From Fighting

After being the only resident to fail her boards at the end of Season 8, April was let go from Seattle Grace. But she didn't let that stop her from taking her job back (after a small detour back to her hometown in Ohio) after Owen offered it back to her at the beginning of the following season. Her growth since then is a subtle reminder that failure is never anything to be ashamed of.


When She Didn't Let Her Virginity Define Her

She came to the hospital as a 28-year-old virgin. And, though that made her the butt of many jokes among her colleagues, it's a title that she wore with pride.


When She Finally Admitted She Had Feelings For Jackson

We knew April was crazy about Jackson before she did, but that didn't make hearing her finally admit it at the end of Season 9 any less sweet.


When She And Jackson Eloped

In Season 10, every fan's dream was realized when April left Matthew at the altar to secretly marry Jackson. In hindsight, it was kind of weird to cheer on the beginning of a relationship at the expense of another, but the fact that April and Jackson are literally made for each other should make you feel a little less bad about it.


When She Gave Birth On Meredith's Dining Room Table

More power to you if this scene didn't absolutely break you.


When She Started A Huge Bar Fight After Taking Her Boards

Note to self: Never get on April's bad side.


When She Didn't Let Losing Her First Baby Break Her

April experienced the most heartbreaking kind of loss imaginable and she still didn't let that stop her from saving lives. For that, she deserves all of the awards.


When She Finally Reunited With Jackson

Sure, they ended up crushing our spirits in the end by not actually getting back together, but when they were both able to put their differences aside for a patient, there was really nothing that could have made us happier.

Dr. April Kepner, you'll definitely be missed.