Are All Probiotics The Same? 9 Myths To Stop Believing

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You've likely heard of probiotics, the magical supplements that can improve digestion and clear your skin. Of course, there are several benefits to taking probiotics, but it's a good idea to forgo the myths about probiotics that can actually mess with your gut or make your efforts less effective. So, before choosing your probiotic brand of choice, look to these tips on making the right decision and finding the best type for your specific health needs.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on improving their digestive health and as well as keeping bowel movements regular and preventing stomach pains. And, turns out, probiotics can actually help with that, because they restore potent, beneficial gut bacteria and flora which can boost your immunity, lower inflammation, and keep things moving throughout the digestive system, consistently. You can take probiotics in capsule form, as a powder to dissolve in beverages, or even through food, such as in Greek yogurt, fermented veggies and drinks (like kombucha), or sauerkraut. Yet, be warned: there are a few misconceptions that exist surrounding probiotics that aren't true. By taking the right type of probiotic, with proper direction and guidance, you'll reap all the health benefits. Here are nine common myths about probiotics that aren't true.