Fans Are Rooting HARD For This ‘Queer Eye’ Couple After Their Surprise Ending

Courtesy of Netfilx

Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 2, Episode 4. The newest season of Queer Eye is full of open-hearted people hoping to make a change in their lives, and Episode 4's Jason is no exception. After he gets the Fab Five treatment, it's revealed that Jason has canceled his big move to Reno after things got more serious with a certain special someone. So are Beth and Jason from Queer Eye still together?

For now, all fans can do is hope with all our hearts. (Bustle reached out to Netflix for confirmation, but had not received a response as of press time.) Though Jason might become more visible depending on fan reaction to his episode, he appears to be absent from social media, at least according to my searches. Is that really a surprise, though? Jason's biggest loves were his friends, working with his hands, and the Burning Man festival — his boho attitude didn't exactly strike viewers as being in line with someone who'd be overly concerned with his internet presence. Beth's last name wasn't revealed in the episode, making her a tough find as well. But given the way the episode shook out, viewers can remain hopeful that things are going well.

The entire episode with Jason focuses on the fact that he's getting ready to move to Reno, away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. But just before the end credits roll, the Fab Five and the audience find out that he had a change of heart.

His plans to move to Reno are on hold. "He realizes he already has everything he needs to succeed," the caption reads, previewing a photo of Jason and Beth happily lounging in a boat together. "Jason + Beth = Love," the captions confirm. Tan, Jonathan, Karamo, Bobby and Antoni are all falling out of their seats with excitement, at this point, as they'd speculated that there might have been some kind of spark between Jason and Beth earlier on in the episode.

Beth is the one who nominated Jason for the show, but their relationship gets quickly labeled as a best friendship. And Jason even notes in his bio that he's single and open to dating. It's clear from the get-go, though, how much the two mean to each other. The end of the week culminates in a going away party for Jason, and as Beth gives a short speech about how sad she is to see him go, they're both on the verge of tears. "It doesn't matter where you go, or what you do, you're a piece of my heart," Beth tells him at the party. "That's all I can say without crying right now, and I don't want you to go, and I love you."

Those are just a few of the heartwarming words Jason's friends have for him as they all tearfully say goodbye. "You are a beautiful man and I love you," one says. "You have always been there, [for] 30 years," says another. The people around him obviously love Jason, and he says that it's looking like it'll be harder and harder for him to say goodbye to the community of friends he'd built over the years in Atlanta. Thank goodness for that epilogue — the plans for Reno are officially on the back burner.

Jason's journey is about letting go of fear. Karamo has some long conversations with him, and the hero acknowledges that he's holding onto some things he needed to free himself of, including fear of failure. Fans can't know for sure, but maybe letting go of that fear is what spurred him on to pursue the relationship with Beth. And hopefully, they're still going strong today.