Are Billie & Jeremy Dating In 2018? The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Pair Got Off To A Rocky Start

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Billie Lee is a new addition to the Vanderpump Rules stage, but this hostess/activist is fitting in quite nicely. She’s made fast friends with most of the crew at SUR, and now, a little bit of love could be blooming. Are Jeremy and Billie from Vanderpump Rules still dating? The March 12 episode revealed the beginning of some romance, and, of course, controversy, too.

SUR is a revolving door of new faces and potential partners, and another person that’s new-ish on Lisa Vanderpump’s scene is Jeremy Madix, Ariana’s little brother. Jeremy stayed with Ariana and Tom for a while in Season 5 because he had recently moved to Los Angeles, and now, Jeremy has gone and gotten himself the next marker of what it takes to be a cast member on Vanderpump Rules — a job bussing tables at SUR. He also has his eye on Billie, and when he asked Billie out on a first date, she got a little starry-eyed. It was adorable, with Billie being as excited (and a little nervous!) as we’ve seen her on the show so far. Billie is clearly a beautiful person inside and out, and it's no surprise that one of her coworkers responded like this to her shine.

That being said, Jeremy and Billie don’t seem to be in a romantic relationship at the moment. There’s one shot of them on Jeremy’s Instagram from the Vanderpump Rules premiere party, and the body language doesn’t exactly scream, “We’re in love forever!”

In fact, Ariana confirmed on Danny Pellegrino’s Everything Iconic podcast that Billie and Jeremy aren’t together as a couple right now. “They are very close. I don’t know what their status is,” said Ariana. “[But] they are not currently dating at this moment.” Welp, there you have it, I guess — that first date we saw on Vanderpump Rules could have been their only date. It's not like it went badly — Billie and Jeremy seemed to have some nice conversation — but it could have just fizzled out. But a recent Instagram post on Billie's account makes it seem like someone was leading her on. Could it have been Jeremy? Ah, the perils of love.

Of course, on Vanderpump Rules, nothing can be easy, and such was the case with this date between Jeremy and Billie. When Billie told Kristen and Stassi that Jeremy had asked her out, Kristen and Stassi called Jeremy “creepy” and claimed that he had been hitting on her repeatedly at Katie and Tom’s wedding. This completely took the wind out of Billie’s sails, which was disappointing, and when Ariana, Lala, and Scheana got wind of all that Stassi was claiming about Jeremy, they weren’t pleased. It all culminated in a screaming match between Tom Sandoval (Ariana’s boyfriend) and Stassi, where Stassi said she was “tired of protecting men” for their bad behavior. Katie also claimed that Ariana wasn’t an advocate for women because she defended her brother against Stassi’s claims of being a “creep.” It was messy.

But should Stassi have butted into this whole thing? On one side, Stassi could have been just warning Billie about her alleged experiences with Jeremy, which, woman to woman, is a nice thing to do. But, according to a report from The Cut, Stassi published an episode of her podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, in November 2017 called "Are We On A Male Witch Hunt?" which has since been deleted. In the podcast, Stassi said that women who were adding their #MeToo stories to the movement were just jumping on the bandwagon and claimed that it is actually very easy for a woman to defend herself against a man’s unwanted advances. “No one can me make me suck someone’s d*ck,” she claimed. Listeners and advertisers expressed their shock and displeasure, and Stassi lost some of both. She wrote an apology on her website, saying, “I am someone who has always been pro-women. My whole podcast was built around this notion, a notion revolving around women supporting women and having a safe space to discuss whatever we wanted in the most uncensored way possible.”

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That leads us to the Jeremy thing — was Stassi saying something to Billie about Jeremy because she was genuinely warning her? Or because Stassi, being a character on a reality show, wanted to stir things up? It doesn't appear as though Billie had any issues with Jeremy, since they are still so close today.

Jeremy has been the subject of some legal troubles in past relationships. According to Radar Online, Jeremy was arrested in 2011 for allegedly violating a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend; she claimed he beat her and threatened her life. When she dissolved the restraining order against him, the case was dropped. But Jeremy was arrested again in 2012, per the same article, for alleged battery and domestic violence against the same partner. He maintained his innocence, and that case was also dropped.

There was an opportunity for Vanderpump Rules to feature a productive conversation about social mores and consent in this episode, but unfortunately, it all devolved into a dramatic battle far too quickly. In any case, Billie and Jeremy — though friendly — don't appear to be coupled up now.

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