Here's Proof That 'Love Island' Can Produce Couples That Last IRL & It's So Cute

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought Doctor Alex was the most unexpected Love Island contestant in history, then you clearly didn't watch the show in 2017. Last year's most s participant was Camilla Thurlow, a brilliant bomb disposal expert from Scotland. Her time in the villa was also far from plain sailing, but she actually came out very much coupled up. Her partner was model Jamie Jewitt, who entered towards the end of the show. So, it's what we're all wondering: are Camilla and Jamie from Love Island still together?

Well, the short (and very exciting) answer is... yes. The pair are frequent Instagram users, and regularly share updates about their lives together on the platform, including the below post from Camilla's account on May 21, which celebrated the one year anniversary of her own journey into the villa.

She captioned it as follows: "I was at home this weekend and my mum reminded me that it was today last year that I left for Love Island. There were ups and downs on that journey, and there have occasionally been tricky times since, but that is true of any decision or path you take in life. However, what is certainly true is that I am immeasurably happier, and so unbelievably lucky to have been involved in the show. Wishing so much luck and success to everyone involved this year, and forever sending thanks to the lovely team who make it all possible - it is no exaggeration to say you changed my life for the better."

The pair met towards the end of Camilla's Love Island journey, and after her tumultuous relationship with Jonny Mitchell, which resulted in one the season's most iconic and infuriating moments. Their argument about feminism — during which Camilla patiently explained that feminists did not want an advantageous "slope" towards women, and the fight for equality was very much not done — eventually resulted in the end of their relationship. Subsequently, Camilla found herself single, until Jamie arrived, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since leaving the villa, instead of going on the usual round of personal appearances around the country, as the Daily Mail reports, Camilla and Jamie instead went to Greece on a humanitarian trip to help homeless children. From there, their relationship appeared to go from strength to strength, until they were apparently photographed mid-argument in the street in December 2017, as the Mail reported.

Jamie later explained to Metro.co.uk that the cause of the argument was actually trolls who were being abusive on Instagram. "That night I had a lot to do at that event, and I wasn’t being supportive and I was being off-ish and we ended up bickered, then went outside and had an argument, and I was holding her phone and I don’t want to say what I was calling these people but they frustrate the hell out of me," Jamie explained. "They’re being horrible behind keyboards and then it makes us argue. And I got way too angry. It was over in seconds and we’re absolutely fine."

The pair are still very involved with charitable work, most recently doing the Walk for Syria. Jamie still lists his model agency in his Instagram biography, and appears to continue to work as a model. Camilla, meanwhile, recently worked as a guest reporter on BBC 5 Live, and continues to support various charitable projects. During this season of Love Island, Camilla has also been a vocal advocate of the value of the show, defending it against sexist assumptions and arguing that its stars can indeed be role models.

With the exception of Jess and Dom, who according to The Sun are reportedly marrying in Mykonos later this year, Camilla and Jamie are the only couple to still be dating from Love Island 2017. Long live the Thurlow-Jewitts.