Chris & Katie Might Be One Of The Few Engagements On 'BiP' This Season

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Despite all the love connections that develop each season, Bachelor in Paradise doesn't always work out for everyone. Not even for some of the couples that appear to be falling in love with one another. So predicting whether or not Katie and Chris are engaged after Bachelor in Paradise is a little tricky since they certainly seem happy enough for it to be a possibility. But this is Paradise, which means that things can change in an instant, especially when it comes to one's relationship status.

Obviously, neither Katie nor Chris are allowed to confirm what becomes of their love story in interviews or on social media. So if you're hoping their respective Instagram accounts will help solidify your suspicions of what happens, you may find yourself disappointed. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any clues indicating they're still together. In fact, Chris recently commented using fire emojis on a photo that Katie posted of herself on Instagram. That could definitely be viewed as flirty and hint that they're still going strong. Both of them also retweeted an image of the two of them kissing that was posted by the official Bachelor in Paradise account.

But does that necessarily mean they're engaged at the end of all this? That question is a little bit more difficult to answer with any type of certainty.

Aside from Katie's initial hesitancy to express her growing feelings for Chris, which led to him going on a date with someone else, these two have been pretty much inseparable throughout the majority of Season 6. And the more time they spend together, the more they seem to like each other. Additionally, the latest promo shows Katie admitting to Chris, "I know I'm falling in love with you too."

This comes right before seeing three different hands get engagement rings slipped onto their fingers. Could one of those be Katie's? It definitely seems possible. Then again, there's also a brief shot of Chris crying in the teaser, which suggests their troubles may not be as over as we'd like to think.

Bachelor promos are known for being purposefully misleading, so it's important to take everything that's shown with a grain of salt. But there's no denying that Chris and Katie share a strong connection and are hoping that they can establish a lasting relationship that'll continue outside of Paradise. It took almost losing Chris for Katie to fully realize just how much she wants to be with him. Will they end up back where they started or will they get the happily ever after they've been looking for?

Viewers will just have to tune in for the finale week to find out one way or another, but the odds seem to be in their favor. Perhaps Chris' days as a Bachelor Series Regular are finally coming to a close, making all of that drama (and all of those various seasons) well worth the effort. Fingers crossed that these two have what it takes to make it work.

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