These Clues Prove That 'BiP' Stars Katie & Chris Might Still Be Together

John Fleenor/ABC

Sometimes, it’s the most unlikely of couples that go the distance on shows like The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise. But you know, casting directors (who are part circus ringmaster, part matchmaker) can only go so far — then comes chemistry. And Katie Morton, of Colton’s season of The Bachelor, and Chris Bukowski, of Ali’s season of The Bachelorette have chemistry to spare. Who would have thunk that these two would have connected and been one of the couples to watch on Bachelor In Paradise Season 6? But they did, and they are, and there are plenty of clues that Katie and Chris are together after Bachelor In Paradise.

Chris has been around the block on Bachelor Nation shows — like the real athlete he is, he even declared himself retired from the franchise before coming back for one more shot at love. Katie is a newbie, having been dumped by Colton only earlier in 2019, but they are both attractive people and they both like being on TV. And that, at the beginning at least, is enough to form a flirtation. That flirtation is blooming into a relationship before our very eyes, especially because Katie and Chris are virtually without drama. There’s always one or two couple in every season of Bachelor In Paradise (Jade and Tanner being the top) that just sync up and never let go.

Katie and Chris could be that couple for Bachelor In Paradise Season 6. And while we won’t know for sure until Chris Harrison helps the cast hand out those final roses, a peek through both Katie and Chris’s respective Instagrams show that they could still be falling in love. Here’s why.

Chris Has Gone Into Radio Silence

Chris never posted on his Instagram every day, like some other members of Bachelor Nation, but he posted enough for people to remember that he had a social network. Welp, not anymore — he’s only had a handful of posts since the summer began. Could it be that he’s trying to keep his relationship under wraps? ABC would not love a spoiler.

Katie Hasn’t Mentioned Paradise At All

Minus one Instagram post about the “storm” coming on the day of the Season 6 premiere, Katie has stayed mum about anything having to do with Paradise. Again, is it because of spoilers? You can’t ruin anything if you don’t say anything, so…

Chris Isn’t Afraid Of Posting About Girlfriends

Deducing from his ‘gram, Chris’ last relationship ended at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. He has had girlfriends that he’s featured prominently, so let’s assume he’d post Katie if he could… but he can’t right now, because we don’t know they’re together. Because they still are. Boom.

Katie Has Posted With Roses

OK, yes, she hasn’t mentioned anything about her time on Paradise. But what if Katie is going really meta on fans and the posts in which she’s holding a rose on her Instagram are because she is still technically holding a rose — because she got one from Chris at the end of Bachelor In Paradise. This is Taylor Swift-levels of layering, but it could happen.

Chris and Katie make a cute couple, and they genuinely seem to like each other’s company. That’s why Bachelor Nation is holding out hope that these two are still together post-Paradise.