Cop ColourPop's Ultra Blotted Lips For The Perfect Summer Pout

by Augusta Statz

ColourPop’s known for churning out incredible products, and the launch of their Ultra Blotted Lip formula only continued their product release win-streak. These items were recently restocked on the website, and you better act quickly if you want to scoop them up! Are ColourPop’s Ultra Blotted Lips sold out? There’s still time to get your hands on these seasonal shades.

The Ultra Blotted formula is definitely unique because it’s more of a stain than a full-coverage product, but it will still have a long-lasting effect and a matte finish, just like so many of the ColourPop lippies you know and love. Thankfully, all eight of the Ultra Blotted Lip shades were in stock at the time of publication. They’re going for just $6 each and come in fun colors — I’m talking light coral, deep cherry red and everything in between. So, you might want to rack up on a few of these the next time you head over to ColourPop Cosmetics’ website (which should happen sooner rather than later, btw!).

Fans have been raving about these products online, and honestly, I can understand why. These will give the right amount of color to maintain a minimal, natural makeup look all summer long, and honestly, that sounds pretty perfect to me!

Say hello to your summer lippie line-up.

In case you're on the fence about this formula, fans are here to persuade you to make a purchase.

YouTuber mesijesibeauty loves how lightweight and comfortable these are, and she points out just how great they are for everyday wear. So, are these worth a buy? Umm, you bet! And lucky for you, they're still up for grabs on the ColourPop website.

Ultra Blotted Lip in Bit-O-Sunny, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

This bright red won't be too overpowering. Instead, it'll be just the pop of color you need this summer season!

Ultra Blotted Lip in Doozy, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

This subtle shade, however, will give you a healthy dose of natural-looking color, making it a great shade to slick on for those lazy summer days.

There are plenty more Ultra Blotted Lip colors to choose from, too. And there's no going wrong with any of these seasonal hues. I'd head on over to the ColourPop website to make a purchase, if I were you!