ColourPop's Ultra Blotted Lip Is Unlike Any Of Their Other Products

by Jessica Thomas

News of a new ColourPop product is music to the cult favorite brand's fans' ears, so the announcement of the new ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip product is a big deal. Anytime ColourPop releases a new formula it's exciting for fans, but trust me — this is one product you're not going to want to miss.

ColourPop made its name with its Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, and fans love the long wear formula, matte finish, array of shades and incredible price point. And last year it debuted a new Blotted Lip formula, which was a more sheer, lighter option. Fans were crazy about the Blotted Lip, but they had a few suggestions about how ColourPop could create an even more amazing product. Well the brand listened, and the Ultra Blotted Lip is what its scientists came up with.

The Ultra Blotted Lip is like a cross between the Ultra Matte and Blotted Lip formulas, but it's an all-new formulation for the brand. The formula is long wear and doesn't transfer, but it has medium coverage and feels more comfortable on your lips than the Ultra Matte lip does. In other words, it's basically the perfect combo of the other two products.

It's a super exciting launch, right? ColourPop will release eight shades of the Ultra Blotted Lip along with eight new shades of the Blotted Lip on Thursday at 10 a.m. PT.

ColourPop's marketing specialists Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn debuted the new shade on the brand's Instagram stories, and they provided what fans really want: swatches of the Ultra Blotted Lip next to the Ultra Matte Lip.


You can see how the top Ultra Blotted shade is more sheer than the Ultra Matte lip below it — and the formula feels softer to the touch despite being transfer-proof.


Although ColourPop hasn't released the names (or prices) of the new Ultra Blotted Lip shades yet, from the looks of this photo they're going to be gorgeous. Popsicle stained lips are huge right now, so I love that ColourPop is following the trends and listening to what its fans want. And considering it's ColourPop, chances are high the new products will be super affordable. Mark those calendars now.