A Lie May Have Turned Into A Happy Relationship After This Week’s ‘Catfish’


Spoilers ahead for the Aug. 15 episode of Catfish. As it turns out, drunken, late night Snapchat escapades can lead to a visit from the Catfish crew. This week's subject on the reality show, Derek, joined a "premium Snapchat" channel during a night of partying, and soon after was bombarded with messages from Annabelle, who he met on the app. After a long road with Nev and his wife Laura, he finds out that it's his longtime good friend Becca behind the whole thing. So where are Derek and Becca from Catfish now?

While it wasn't clear at the one-month check-in whether they would officially date, it seemed as though things had turned out OK. As for social media, Derek is on Facebook, sharing mostly sports memes and joke posts — he said during the show that he's a big sports guy — but not really posting much about any relationship with Becca.

Friends of his were sharing Catfish's official promo for the episode and tagging him in the posts, though, where he was helping them figure out what time to watch the show and "liking" comments, so the experience must be something he's not opposed to sharing. Becca's Facebook is a similar story — it's pretty private, but there aren't any photos of she and Derek, or she and any other boyfriend, so either things fizzled after filming, or they simply don't care to share what's happening on social media.

The entire drama started when Derek was out with some of his friends months before filming. They were partying, and the group convinced him to subscribe to a "premium Snapchat" channel called "Stoner Babes," in an effort to get over his ex. The next day a girl named Annabelle messaged him, claiming they had had a conversation on the app the night before, and from there, they began to talk. She, naturally, refused to come meet him or even talk on the phone even though they supposedly lived close to one another, and before long, a mysterious someone took an interest in setting things straight.

Nev and his wife, Laura (who is subbing in for Max) received a cryptic, anonymous message asking for someone to help Derek, but the mystery person wouldn't divulge who they were. They met up with Derek, got his side of the story, and after some digging, determined that it's probably someone who Derek knows who's doing all of this.

They met Becca when trying to find information about whoever Derek is talking to, and she was at first very adamant that she had no feelings for Derek, and that she had no idea who he might be actually talking to when he thought he was talking to Annabelle. "He's like a brother to me. I wouldn't even call him a friend, he's more like a brother," she told them on the phone.

Finally, "Annabelle" told them a place she'd like to meet, and out walked Becca, along with her brother Jeremy, who's also Derek's friend. "I'm sorry," Becca said, confirming she's Annabelle and asserting that she has real feelings for Derek despite what she's said in the past. "Everything I said was the truth. I just was afraid to talk to you as me because you're like a brother to me, I've known you for so long," she explained.

Jeremy revealed that he's the one who sent the message to Catfish — he found out what Becca was doing, and didn't feel right being in the middle of the conflict having that information. "I was in the middle of it looking at both sides, and I couldn't be holding a secret anymore between my best friend and my sister," he said.

At the end of the episode, Becca and Derek told Nev and Laura that they had briefly kissed at a party, but it just didn't feel right because they were such good of friends. But it felt like that could all change. "To be honest, I'm almost glad it is her. She's cool as hell," Derek told Nev. And later, he told Becca that there could be something more there. "I only looked at you as a sister because I thought you looked as me as a brother," he said. Awww.

Since their social media doesn't flaunt a relationship, there's no way for fans to know what's really going on between the two of them. Even if they ended up as just friends after filming, the love they had for each other — platonic or not — was palpable, and that's all that matters.